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    Real or Fake Engine Oil? 6 Quick Checks You Can Do.

    6 Signs to Spot Fake Engine Oil

    How to identify fake engine oil?

    It is hard to tell if you have the original engine oil or just a counterfeit. Forgers are now trying hard to make their products seem visually identical to the original ones to make them harder to spot. Some counterfeiters may even use empty packs of the original products to make them seem more legit.

    If you suspect you have a fake oil, here are some of the elements that can help you spot the differences between fake and original oil:

    Oil Appearance

    Original engine oil is always transparent and free of impurities. The production of engine oil involves various processes to refine the product of any impurity. The presence of impurities or dirt may suggest that you have a fake product.

    The Color of the Engine Oil

    Engine oil color may vary from one product to another. However, counterfeiters usually try to make copies of expensive high-quality products to maximize their profits. High-end engine oils often have a light yellowish, or honey colour. Fake engine oil on the other hand has darker colours due to the use of low-quality base oils.

    The Smell

    Engine oils do not usually have a unique smell. A product that has a burning smell or suffocating smell can be a counterfeit.


    Fake engine oil is generally thicker than the original products. Forgers try to use thicker base oils to make their copies appear similar. People who use a specific type of lubricant for a long time are more able to tell if there is a difference in consistency.

    These elements help you to identidy the real engine oil because counterfeiters focus on the appearance and neglect the properties. Their products always has lower performance.

    How to avoid buying fake engine oil?

    Engine oil is like the shield that protects the engine. Compromising the quality of the motor oil never ends up in good results. To ensure you have high-quality engine oil for your car you should:

    Check the Seller When You Buy Engine Oil Online

    Online stores allow almost anyone to sell their products on their platforms. Avoid buying engine oil from untrusted sellers. Try to buy from verified sellers in known online stores, and avoid shady stores even if the price is tempting.

    Check the Bottle When You Change Oil in Workshops

    Many people ask the workers in the local workshops or the petrol stations to change the oil for them. There is nothing wrong with that, but it is better to check the products they use just to be certain.

    Buy From Reputable Stores and Hypermarkets

    Trustworthy stores care about their reputation, they would not risk it for making extra money. When you buy from them, the chances of getting fake products are very low.

      Why is fake engine oil cheaper?

      The main attribute is the ability to change the viscosity level in different temperatures. When oil is subjected to heat changes, its viscosity changes. Viscosity increases when oil is heated and drops as it cools down. To perform its job in the engine in every weather, lubricant manufacturers add chemical additives to the oil.

      Oil composition usually has 75% to 95% base oil and 5% to 25% additives. the percentage of the added additives depends on the type and quality of the base oil. High-quality base oils require fewer additives and vice versa. Want to know more about the base oil groups most frequently used in automobiles and manufacturing plants? Check out our blog, “A Closer Look At Base Oil Groups And Their Applications

      These additives are the most expensive ingredient in the blend. Counterfeiters alter the composition, and use fewer additives or add them at lower concentrations. The result is a product that has similar visual attributes and different properties. Want to know more about the type and purpose of lubricant additives? Check out our blog, “A Practical Guide To Lubricant Additives

      The Impact of using fake engine oil on the Car

      Using fake engine oil is bad for your engine. Counterfeiters may use any base oil, and add the wrong concentration of additives. There is no quality control on the production, no guarantee the product meets international standards. There are no limits to what they can do to make more money regardless of the potential effect on the customers’ cars.

      It is not easy to tell how fake engine oil can affect your car. The results vary depending on the composition and the ingredients the counterfeiters use in their blend. Here we will tell you the possible.

      Increase the Wear of the Moving Parts

      Low-viscosity fake engine oil does not have the ability to lubricate the parts of the engine. The high-speed movement of the engine parts without proper lubrication can increase the rate of wear. Over time, this can cause serious damage to the engine eventually resulting in engine malfunction or even engine failure.

      Reduce the Efficiency of the Car

      High-viscosity engine oil can impair the flow of the oil in the engine causing insufficient lubrication. The lack of engine lubrication increases the drag therefore fuel consumption rises. If not addressed, this loss of efficiency can cause severe damage to the engine.

      Engine Overheating

      One of the important roles of engine oil is to absorb heat from the engine to cool down the engine. The ability to absorb and transfer heat is deeply related to the composition of the oil. changes in the types and concentration of the additives have a deep impact on the heat properties of the oil.

      Using car engine oil that does not have the ability to absorb heat can lead to engine overheating. if the engine reaches a certain degree, some of the moving parts can weld to each other resulting in engine failure.


      It is common for counterfeiters to try producing their own copies of expensive engine oil. despite the similarity in appearance and consistency, the products are far from being the same. Avoid risking your car, always buy from known or trusted supplier. Good deals from un-known.


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