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Lubricants Dedicated to 4WD SUVs

How to Choose the Best 4WD lubricants for your vehicle

The latest engines are smaller as compared to the previous engines but you should not underestimate the size of the engine as the latest engines are powerful as the manufacturing companies are using the complex full synthetic oils while designing the engines.

Armor lubricants design the lubricant by adding some extraordinary features that can not only improve the life of the vehicle but it can also give an outstanding experience to its users. Selecting the best oil is not an easy task as the companies is flooding the market with new and advanced features of oil.

Technological Invention

Technology keeps on changing and with this change the quality of the products produced by the company also changes and so it the lubricant. The companies have understood that the invention of new vehicles will increase the demand of the lubricant. If you have the 4 X 4 cars or SUV vehicle then you should use the high quality of 4wd lubricants that can improve the performance of your vehicle. SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle.

The new and improved technology will keep your engine cool and it will also improve the efficiency of the fuel. The right quality and quantity of lubricants can protect your engine from the mechanical wear and tear. If you want to ensure yourself that your vehicle should run smoothly even on the uneven areas then you should go for 4 X 4 cars or four-wheel drive vehicles.

Taking care of the vehicle and preserving its life for years is the priority of the lubricant owners. Electric motors are designed to save the time and energy of the user. So, if the high quality of the 4wd lubricants is used then the efficiency of the vehicle can be easily maintained.

The normal cars are designed in such a way that can take you from one destination to other destination easily. These cars can run smoothly on the normal roads. But driving on the normal road daily makes the life of an individual boring.

A lubricant reduces the friction between the surfaces and it also reduces the heat generated at the time of the movement of the vehicle. The lubricant can transport the foreign particles and it can transfer the objects from one place to another easily. It can heat or cool the surface easily. By using the new and advanced technologies the companies are producing the purified lubricant with the aim of improving the life cycle of the vehicle and it will automatically enhance the demand of the lubricant in the market.

What is 4 X 4 cars or SUV Vehicle?

A 4 X 4 cars or SUV is known as four-wheel drive. These 4WD  SUVs adds the new and advanced features to the vehicles that extend its demand in the market. The transmission systems in these cars are different as it enables the users to provide traction on all the wheels of the vehicle and it works best on the adverse road conditions. So, if you love adventure and exploring the new places is your favorite task then four-wheel drive SUVs cars must be your choice. The well-designed and high quality of4wd  lubricant for 4×4 SUV’s will enhance the life of the engine and it will keep them young always.

Armor Xtreme Synthetic Motor Oil

Synthetic Motor Oil are great for towing, hauling, driving steep hills, racing, off-roading, accelerating quickly, stopping, and going, as well as working in high temperatures. With an increased level of premium quality additives, it improves the performance of limited-slip and locking differentials.

Armor Xtreme Synthetic Motor Oil API SM is a high-performance, smooth-running engine oil for petrol and diesel car engines with or without turbocharging and direct injection. Extended oil change intervals as per Lubricants manufacturer‘s instructions are included in the price.

Here’s more info on the product synthetic Motor Oil API SM

Armor provides high performance synthetic lubricants for both automatic and manual transmissions. With Armor synthetic transmission fluids, shifting is smoother, cooler, and less drag is experienced.

The ATF (DEXRON III) meets the specifications of General Motors’ DEXRON III automatic transmission fluid. The fluidity and oiliness are perfect for automatic gearboxes and extremely low temperatures. It also provides excellent shift fueling, shear stability, and wear resistance.

Check out the ATF Dexron III product page for more information:


Armor designs 4wd lubricants according to the load, speed, and operating temperature of the application. The formula of the 4wd lubricant must fulfill the requirements not only of the vehicle but also of the place where that vehicle runs. The companies should test the lubricant before introducing it in the market as this will help the customers to take the decision of purchasing the 4wd lubricant for their four-wheel drive SUV Vehicles.

Armor 4wd lubricants deliver maximum power, outstanding fuel economy, and rugged protection for 4-wheel drive Suv vehicles.

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