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The absolute guide to 5w40 Synthetic Oil The best engine oil for maximized performance

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  • The absolute guide to 5w40 Synthetic Oil The best engine oil for maximized performance

What is 5w40 Synthetic Oil?

5w40 synthetic oil is a type of engine oil that is made from synthetic base stocks and a specific combination of additives. The “5w” in the name refers to the oil’s low temperature viscosity rating, which indicates that it will flow easily at low temperatures and provide good cold weather starting.

The “40” in the name refers to the oil’s high temperature viscosity rating, which indicates that it will maintain its lubricating properties at high temperatures and high engine speeds.

Synthetic oil is a type of engine oil that is made by chemically altering base oil, which is derived from crude oil, in order to improve its performance characteristics.

Synthetic oil is generally more expensive than conventional oil, but it provides a number of benefits, including better protection at high temperatures, better cold weather performance, and longer service life.

5w40 synthetic oil is typically used in high-performance engines, as well as in vehicles that are driven in extreme temperatures or conditions. It is preferred by many owners of sport, luxury, and racing vehicles.

It is also a popular choice for high-mileage automobiles, since it helps to prolong the engine’s life by providing greater lubrication and minimizing wear.

What are the benefits of 5w40 Synthetic Oil

Buying a fully synthetic 5w40 will cost you some extra cash, however, the money will not be paid in vain. The pack of 5w40 fully Synthetic Oil comes with extra benefits including:

  • Enhanced Efficiency at High Temperatures

High temperatures and engine speeds don’t affect synthetic oil’s lubrication. This reduces engine wear and extends engine life.

  • Improved Cold Weather Performance

5w40 synthetic oil flows well at low temperatures. This can enhance cold weather starting and engine wear.

  • Longer Service Life

5W40 fully Synthetic oil lasts long. Its longer oil change intervals save time and money on the long term.

  • Greater engine wear protection

5W40 full Synthetic oil is developed to give superior protection against engine wear, particularly in high-performance engines

  • Exceptional protection from contaminants

Synthetic oil resists breakdown and contamination, keeping your engine cleaner and more efficient.

  • Better fuel economy

Using 5W40 synthetic engine oil keeps the engine in good condition thus prevent excess use for diesel of gasoline.

It is important to bear in mind that not all synthetic motor oils are equal. This means that Armor 5w40 Synthetic Oil is not just any duplicate of any other product with the same specifications.

The quality of the motor oil varies greatly depending on the quality of the base oil, the quality of the additives, Quality control process in the factory, and more.

5w40 full synthetic oil for diesel engines

5w40 synthetic diesel oil is an engine lubricant designed specifically for diesel engines. It comprises synthetic base stocks and a unique blend of additives designed to provide maximum lubrication and protection for diesel engines. Although 5w40 synthetic gasoline oil share many characteristics with it, the two are vastly different.

Because diesel and gasoline engines have distinct lubrication requirements, we do not suggest using 5w40 synthetic diesel oil for gasoline engines or the other way around. Diesel engines feature higher compression ratios and various fuel injection methods, resulting in additional heat and stress on engine elements. As a result, diesel oil is designed to give better protection against wear and tear induced by these conditions.

how often should I change 5W 40 synthetic oil

5W 40 synthetic oil usually requires longer change intervals. This is due to the high refined materials used to manufacture the oil and the fact that it can reduce friction further compared to conventional oil.

Interval times vary based on the type of synthetic oil, the engine, the driving condition, and the manufacturer’s recommendations. However, as a general rule, 5W40 synthetic oil should be changed every 7,500 to 10,000 miles (12,000 to 16,000 Kilometers).

Consider the other related conditions such as driving too many short journeys, driving in extremely hot or cold weather, the load on the engine (heavy towing), and high-performance driving. If doing one or more of those, you may need to change the oil more frequently. Additionally, if your car has high mileage, you may need to change the synthetic engine oil more frequently to keep the engine in good condition.


5W 40 synthetic oil quality varies greatly. If you want to have high quality, you need to get your products from a trusted engine oil manufacturer. In Armor Lubricants we are proud to be one of the leading lubricants manufacturers in the UAE, with over a decade of experience. We are more than happy to answer any question you may have, just contact us on WhatsApp or send an Email.

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