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5 Best Reasons Why Does Water Come Out Of My Car Exhaust System?


Car Exhaust System

The car exhaust system in your car will extend the life of your car by purifying it as its main function is to get rid of all the byproducts that have arisen while the car is running. You must have seen some water leaking through the tailpipe so there is no need to worry about it. It simply means that there is water in your exhaust system which needs to get out. 

A vehicle emits exhaust gases during its combustion process. The best car oil brands have an in-built exhaust system as it opens the passage for the gasses to flow out from the engine. The exhaust gases pass through the tailpipe and they go out into the atmosphere. 

If you are looking for the exact reason for the water coming out of your car exhaust system then let us tell you that the engine goes through the internal combustion process as it comes in direct contact with pollution. To save the vehicle from outside dirt, dust and other air the vehicle needs the feature of exhaust. 

Let's get a clear view of Why Does Water Come Out of My Car Exhaust System?

Engine Combustion and Water Condensation 

A mixture of water and carbon dioxide is formed as soon as an individual starts a vehicle and this process is known as Combustion. Once the engine cools down completely the condensation takes place and the carbon dioxide can be easily noticed. After sometime water also starts dripping from the car’s exhaust pipe. This process is natural so please don’t take your car to the mechanic. 

Engine and the Car Exhaust System

Whenever you start the car, the engine will start generating heat. You know that the best engine oil needs some time to flow and lubricate the components.

This process will work as the best lubricants for your vehicle. The engine and the car exhaust system will get hot at the same time. In this whole procedure the water vapors form and this results in the water droplets.

Bad Pistons or Rings

Bad Pistons or Rings will not be the reason of the water out unless the head gaskets are totally blown or its residual condensation in the exhaust system. Bad Pistons or Rings will create dirty exhaust, blue smoke or sometimes the residues of the oil can also be seen around the tailpipe.

Final Words 

If you are still confused with how to choose the right oil then do read the above words properly. Don’t panic and enjoy traveling in your vehicle. Finally, we can say that water coming out of the exhaust is totally normal but make sure that you get its service done by professional mechanics if you find something uncertain.

The Conclusion

Sometimes this car exhaust may lead to serious problems so please don’t ignore it if the quantity of water leakage is more than the normal leakage. We have always seen that water vapors are found in the exhaust system and this gives rise to the process of water flow.

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