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Optimized Cold Start Protection, Built for Blizzards!

Living in Canada, you need special lubricants optimized to maintain optimal viscosity even at sub-zero temperatures. Start your day with a delicious hot cup of coffee, and never worry about starting your car no matter how cold it is out there.

Manufactured using a special formula and a combination of additives to enhance fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. They are Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective. They are made just for you.

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    Armor Lubricants, Leading manufacturer and supplier

    Manufacturing over 200 products and distributing them worldwide in 52+ countries.

    With research, innovation, and progress are our approaches at Armor Lubricants, where we continuously develop new formulas, refining raw materials into superior products tailored for Canada. From Low-Temperature Engine Oils to Antifreeze and Coolants, our products will protect the engine from freezing in extreme cold.

    Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of Engine Oil, Industrial Lubricants, and automotive additives

    Armor Lubricants Manufacturer Journey from 2012-2021

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    Good News, We're Expanding Our Team, Eh!

    Hey there! Armor Lubricants is gearing up for something big, and we want you on our team. If you've got a knack for business and a distribution network as widespread as the Trans-Canada Highway, we've got just the opportunity for you.

    We're on the hunt for smart, energetic folks to become our distributors right here in the Great White North. We offer premium products at competitive pricing and marketing and promotional support.

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    Armor Lubricants is One of the Fastest Growing Engine Oil Manufacturer for Petrol and Heavy Duty Diesel Engines.

    • 12+Year of Experience

    • 200+Products

    • 500+Satisfied Customers

    Top-notch, reliable, and ready to perform in even the toughest of Canadian blizzards.


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    Armor Lubricants


    The Ultimate Protection for Your Fleet, your car will love you for Armor.

    Build a Successful Business by Distributing Armor Lubricant Products.