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Lubricants choice for environmental compliance

Reason for selecting the environmentally friendly lubricants

The main reason of selecting the environmentally friendly lubricants is that it does not harm the environment. Biodegradable lubricants classified by the EPA as environmentally acceptable lubricants can be degraded till 60% in 28 days.

Lubricant oils that are used in the machines are considered as an important factor as its fluid structure element adds life to the machine and its devices. It lubricates each and every part of the machine and makes it movable. The content of the lubricant should be designed according to the environmental and application properties of that particular place.

Quality of Lubrication Oil

Lubricating oil spreads in the environment in the form of oil mist and micro drops that can lead to the threat to the environment. The biodegradability of mineral oil is quiet low. Oil pollution not only causes serious damage to the soil but it also spoils the aquatic plants. Mineral oil can clog the pores in the soil that results in the reduced aeration and water infiltration.

We can say that Armor Lubricants are producing the goods that are environment friendly. Our initial step of preserving the nature and saving the motherland for our coming generations is really commendable and appreciable. We can see the big hoardings of the advertisements that declare that their all products are eco-friendly and “green”.

Technological progress is boon for the Lubrication Companies

Technological progress and the production trend of modern equipment and machines are giving its contribution in the improvement of the energy efficiency and its consumption power is also given high priority. This efficiency of the machine is giving the rise to the demand of the machine in the market. Lubricant oil contains synthetic oils that are designed to maximize the performance of the grease and it also brings the assessable performance and economic reimbursements with it.

What is Vessel General Permit?

Vessel General Permit is a Clean Water Act National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit. This permit covers 26 different types of discharges that could be a threat to the aquatic ecosystem. It has set its criteria that the companies should produce the lubricant that can reduce the threat of the marine environment.

Vessel General Permit is one of the environmentally friendly lubricants that one should be aware of it. Its formulation is environmental friendly and it fulfills the needs of not only the marine applications but also the parts that are close to the ports. The main reason of selecting the environmentally friendly lubricant oils is that it does not harm the environment. The use of the lubricant oil on the vessels in unavoidable. The Vessel General Permit can reduce the negative impact on the aquatic environment. It has the potential to check and identify the set of standards that these lubricants must meet the potential that lowers the factors of damage to the environment.

Choosing environmentally friendly lubricants manufactured by Armor Lubricants

What is Primary biodegradation and Ultimate biodegradation?

Biodegradable lubricants that are classified by the EPA as environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs) can be degraded till 60% in 28 days. The chemical compound in the lubricant oil lowers the threat in an aquatic environment. Primary and Ultimate are the two types of biodegradations.

The main function of the Primary biodegradation is to break down the chemical compounds into pieces.fter going through this procedure, the chemical compounds are not able to perform the function it was created for. Ultimate biodegradation breaks down the complete chemical compounds into carbon dioxide, water and mineral salts. Both lubricants (Primary biodegradation and Ultimate biodegradation) take the responsibility of breaking down the physical breakdown of the lubricant.

Closing lines

With the change of time and new inventions these days many applications employ environmentally friendly lubricants. The marine industry is one of the best examples of the high-quality of the usage of the lubricant that are utilized in different applications from hydraulics to gear systems.

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