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    At Armor Lubricants, we offer access to high-quality, professionally-formulated lubricants, chemicals, and other products for automotive, Industrial and marine applications. From petrol and diesel engine oil to hydraulic oil, brake fluid, and specialty oils, we offer the protection you need and performance you can trust.

    Whether you’re serving customers at an automotive dealership, maintaining watercraft at a marina, or servicing a fleet of business-owned vehicles, we offer the products you want and deliver the protection you need.

    Performance You Can Trust

    Our lubricants and specialty oils are formulated to the highest standards and manufactured with cutting-edge technology. As industry experts, we:

    All of our products meet or exceed industry requirements and are API certified, ISO 9001 certified, ISO 14001 certified, and OHSAS 18001 certified.

    Our Guarantee

    We believe in delivering all the products you need. Whether you’re maintaining an in-house fleet or serving customers, we offer certified, high-performance, reliable oils, lubricants, and chemicals that go the distance, including:

    Armor Lubricants Logo

    Armor Lubricants is one of the fastest growing lubricant companies in the industry offering Automotive, Industrial, Grease and Marine lubricants that you can trust with guaranteed performance.

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