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Engine Coolant 40%

Armor Lubricants


ARMOR ICE COOL 40% is a good quality long-life coolant, it is for use reliably for up to 3 years. This product is designed from inorganic silicate corrosion inhibitors mono ethylene glycol and mono propylene glycol using well developed coolant and heat transfer technology to protect all metals that are used through the gasoline and diesel engines, particularly the main metals such as iron, copper, and aluminum. This product is supplied diluted with de-ionized water at 40% concentration of water.




  • ARMOR radiator coolant 40 ensures excellent cooling and protection in the hot weather. It has a very efficient anti rust and anti-corrosion package that remain powerful for 3 years in all modern vehicles. This product protects against cavitation erosion effectively and it doesn’t contain any harmful nitrites, amines, or phosphates. It also protects against frost in the freezing winter.


ARMOR ICE COOL 40% is applicable for trucks with a minimum speed of 250,000 km and cars with a range of 100,000 km. it increases the water boiling point and increases cooling at high ambient temperature conditions. It’s perfect for all vehicles including aluminum engine construction. This product meets international requirements of major manufacturers as a premixed coolant.

Please note:  Only use DE-IONISED water when mechanically mixed with ICE COOL 100 to make a diluted engine coolant.


ICE COOL 40 ENGINE COOLANT meets and exceeds the following International specifications:

  • BS 6580 (1992)
  • ASTM 3306, 4656, 4985
  • AFNOR NFR 15-601

Our Packaging Sizes

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