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ATF Dexron III

Armor Lubricants


ULTRA ATF DEX III – An Automatic Transmissions and Power Steering Fluid Armor ULTRA ATF DEX III is a superior quality automatic transmission fluid meeting General Motors GM DEXRON III specifications. It is a special fluid with highly improved performance over DEXRON IID and DEXRON IIE carefully formulated multi-functional power transmission fluid, which satisfies the latest requirements of passenger cars and commercial vehicle automatics. It has the facility and oiliness suited to the requirements of modern automatic gearboxes, as well as extremely low temperature fluidity. It also has excellent shift fuelling, shear stability and wear protection, maximum oil drain interval and high temperature oxidation stability.


  • ULTRA ATF DEX III Active Premium is a synthetic based, low viscosity red dyed oil, which performs to the exceptionally high technical standards needed to meet the wide range of lubrication requirements found in transmission systems.
  • ULTRA ATF DEX III provides maximum transmission life through high performance chemical additive technology, and smooth gear-changing through balanced anti-wear and friction modifier characteristics.
  • ULTRA ATF DEX III is compatible with International Oil company competitor products.


ULTRA ATF DEX III meets the latest specification Dexron® III H and Ford Mercon® for automatic transmissions and power steering fluid. It can be used in car and light truck automatic transmissions, heavy duty truck automatic transmissions, off-highway plant equipment using full or semi-automatic gearboxes, as well as power steering where ATF Dexron® III H or Mercon® fluid is recommended, rotary air compressors requiring anti-wear type compressor oil, marine anti-wear hydraulic systems in low temperature applications and mobile equipment hydraulic systems. ULTRA ATF DEX III is designed for the lubrication of torque converters, transmission gear and hydraulic systems used in passenger cars, light trucks and heavy vehicles.


ULTRA ATF DEX III meets and exceeds the following OEM and International specifications:

  • General Motors DEXRON®III H fluid / DEXRON®II
  • Ford MERCON®fluid
  • Allison C-4

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