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10 Years of Armor Achievements

Armor Lubricants began its journey in 2012 leading to be the Middle East Lubricants sector with its rapid growth. We aim to provide our customers with quality, reliable, and efficient service. With our specialized knowledge, we offer an extensive range of custom-blended lubricants for automotive, industrial and marine application.

Know Our Achievements
10 Years of Armor Achievements

Industrial, Hydraulic & Marine: Powerful Lubricant Solutions

Our comprehensive line of hydraulic oils, industrial lubricants, and specialty oils is specially formulated for superior performance and ultimate protection.

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Industrial, Hydraulic & Marine: Powerful Lubricant Solutions

Premium Car Care Products for Pro-Level Shine

Advanced German Technology for Modern Vehicles: Our premium car care solutions keeps your car looking its best, with specially formulated products for every part.

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Premium Car Care Products for Pro-Level Shine

Maximize Engine Life: Premium Engine Oil for Peak Performance

Choose Armor Lubricants: The Leading Lubricant Manufacturer in UAE for Premium Automotive Lubricants.

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Maximize Engine Life: Premium Engine Oil for Peak Performance

Punctual Delivery

99% Delivered On Time

High Technology Factory

& Environment Friendly

High Standard Labors

99% QC Passed

Armor Lubricants

🏭 Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Lubricants, Grease and Premium Car Care Products in UAE

Welcome to Armor Lubricants, the leading lubricants Manufacturer in UAE! With a commitment to excellence and a wide range of high-quality lubricants, we are here to meet all your lubrication needs. Our team works hard to enhance the quality of our lubricants to deliver the best products that customers demand. Our mission statement and guiding principle have always been to meet the needs of our customers while maintaining a high level of product quality. To fulfill the needs of the industries and customers of lubricant oil, our direct sales business unit will try to produce products and services of the highest quality.

Best Lubricants Manufacturer in UAE: The Lubricants of Choice for High-Performance Engines

Global Coverage

We're on international company with a global footprint and local expertise. We ensure the same level of care and service for all our customers through our network.

We prioritize compliance

We follow the highest Ethics ond Compliance standards. ISO Quality, Health, and Safety Management Systems ensure compliance with international and national regulations. Our Certifications provide our customers with additional assurances.

Armor Can
Armor Can
Armor can

Leaders in Innovation

Having our own team of experts, we're always developing new tech. Our innovative and forward-looking solutions help shape the industry's future.

Trusted Quality

Our team is not only engineers, chemists, and manufacturers, but also racers and gearheads. As we work on our cars, tune them up, or cruise down the highway, we are at our best.

We Excel in Quality

  • tick mark clipart Advanced Formulas for Premium Products
  • tick mark clipart Increased Equipment life with base oils of the best quality and the most sophisticated additives.
  • tick mark clipart Certified and Internationally Approved Lubricants.

Cutting Edge Technology

  • tick mark clipart Our Engineers manufacture oil lubricants that maintain their viscosity, decrease engine wear, and assist ensure dependability.
  • tick mark clipart We deliver the best lubricants to our clients.
  • tick mark clipart We stay on board with global trendy formulas.
  • tick mark clipart We use advanced additives and raw materials.

Assured Performance

  • tick mark clipart Overall performance improved by using our high-performance solutions.
  • tick mark clipart Smooth Lubrication & ensured performance.
  • tick mark clipart Drain cycles may be extended, sludge deposits reduced.


Premium Oil Lubricants for all your Automotive, Industrial, and Marine needs.uae flag

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ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Certification
ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems (QMS) Certification
API Engine Oil Licensing & Certification System (EOLCS)
ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Management System Certification
OEM Approved
ESMA Certificate of Conformity

Making Waves in the Lubricants Industry: Armor Lubricants Manufacturer in UAE Expands Global Reach to 58+ Countries

Armor Lubricants is one of the fastest-growing lubricants manufacturer in UAE. Whether you operate in the automotive, industrial, marine, or agricultural sector, we have the expertise and High-quality lubricants products to ensure optimal performance and protection for your engine, machinery and equipment.

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