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Blog About Lubricants

Consumer Education June 12, 2024

Real or Fake Engine Oil? 6 Quick Checks You Can Do.

6 Signs to Spot Fake Engine Oil

6 Quick checks you can do to identify real or fake engine oil.

Technical June 8, 2024

Lubricant Additives: The Secret Weapons of Lubrication

Lubricant Additives Engine's Unsung Heroes

Discover the secret world of lubricant additives - the tiny heroes protecting your engine from wear and tear.

Vehicle June 5, 2024

High Mileage Synthetic Oil: The Secret to a Long-Lasting Engine?

Armor Lubricants High Mileage Synthetic Oil Secret

Unlock peak performance & extended engine life with high mileage oil. Learn the secret!

Products May 30, 2024

Why Investing in High-Quality Universal Coolant Antifreeze is Essential for Engine Longevity

Armor Universal Coolant Antifreeze for Investment

Protect your engine from freezing, overheating, and corrosion with high-quality universal coolant. Invest in longevity - Choose the best!

Consumer Education May 25, 2024

5 Most Common Signs of Gearbox Failure

Signs of Gearbox Failure

Gearbox Trouble? 5 Warning Signs You Shouldn't Ignore.

Industry May 22, 2024

What is Base Oil SN 150? Your Comprehensive Guide 

Base Oil SN 150

Uncover Base Oil SN 150 properties, applications, and why it's a key player in lubricants.

Consumer Education May 18, 2024

How To Choose Lubricants That Sell Quickly: Oil Trader Guide

Oil Traders Secrets to Fast Selling Lubricants

Oil Trader’s Guide to Lubricant Superstars: Sell Out Faster.

Products May 13, 2024

The Hidden Force: Essential Uses of Hydraulic Oil

Top Uses of ISO Hydraulic Oil

Explore the surprising diverse applications of this versatile hydraulic oil.

Products March 28, 2024

15W40 vs. 10W30 – Which is the Best Engine Oil for Diesel Engines?

15W40 vs 10W30 Engine Oil for Diesel Engines for optimizing performance.

Unsure about switching to 15W40 from 10W30 for your diesel engine? Get comprehensive guidance to ensure optimal engine health and performance.