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Powerful New Formulation - Quality & Performance Guaranteed


Research, Development & Deployment

In today’s dynamic business environment, innovation through a sustained process of Research & Development (R&D) is the only cutting edge tool for organizations to thrive. With emphasis on development and speedy commercialization of globally competitive products, processes and technologies, the focus has now shifted from R&D to RD&D (Research, Development & Deployment). It’s our chemists, physicists, engineers, tribologists, testing and application engineers, analysts and production experts who work together to provide ever new, excellent results. Eco-friendliness is of course a major topic at Armor Lubricants.


Delivery & Best Practices

Since we sell direct to customers, we also deliver our products direct to them. This is a complex task our Logistics Department masters to perfection – applying worldwide compliance management in the fields of environmental, chemical, customs, import and export laws. Innovation is extremely important to our manufacturing process at Armor Lubricants. In order to ensure that our customers benefit from the most technologically advanced products on the market, we have shifted our process of innovation from a sustained process of research and development (R&D) to research, development and deployment (RD&D) in order to better serve our valued customers. At Armor Lubricants, we offer our customers a wide variety of Industrial and Automotive lubricants validated in practice. Our R&D team continue to stay ahead of international best practices, using their expertise to develop formulations, refining raw materials into further new products, ensuring that no two special lubricants are alike. Moreover, we believe in developing products that are more eco-friendly, and our expert teams continue to address ecological aspects, occupational safety and sustainability throughout the development of our technologies.


Highest Standards and Manufactured with Cutting-Edge Technology

With Armor Lubricants, you get certified performance and protection. We offer access to high-quality, professionally-formulated lubricants, chemicals, and other products for automotive, Industrial and marine applications. From petrol and diesel engine oil to hydraulic oil, brake fluid, and specialty oils, we offer the protection you need and performance you can trust.

Performance You Can Trust

As industry experts, we:
  • Understand engine tolerances and gear ratios
  • Know the danger of friction
  • Understand how corrosive environments affect components

All of our products meet or exceed industry requirements and are API certified OEM & ESMA Certified, ISO 9001 certified, ISO 14001 certified, ISO 45001 certified and OHSAS 18001 certified.

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