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Armor Lubricants Manufacturers in UAE – 10 Years of Achievements


Armor Lubricants Manufacturers in UAE

Armor Lubricants manufacturers in UAE have gained popularity in providing high-class lubricants to their customers. It exports the products to over 49 countries all over the world. It has created a reputation for providing high-class performance and quality and it delivers the lubricant products as per the promise made by the lubricant manufacturers.

Through our hard work and dedication, today we are known as the fastest growing lubricants company in the Middle East Lubrication sector. We have a team of experts who are always available with their services so we are able to meet the bulk requirements of our clients. Headquartered in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, the company has an international presence covering GCC, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America. Armor Lubricants manufacturers in UAE export superior quality products to over 49+ countries worldwide.

How Do Armor Lubricants Manufacturers in UAE Work?

Our company has a customer-focused manufacturer-driven set-up. The main aim of the company is to provide a quality, reliable and efficient service to its customers. We are committed to our standards and provide a promising service to our customers. Our main motive is to make the customer satisfied and we know that the quality of the lubricant can satisfy them easily.

So, we always produce a high-quality of lubricant as it gives growth to our business. By providing promising and well-defined services to our customers we can grow our business in the long term and can stay consistent in the market.

By providing a high quality of services and staying consistent we are able to become leading producers in the Middle East Lubricants market. We have a habit of working towards our predetermined goal. We are here to improve the quality of the product by increasing efficiency and promise to deliver the latest technology lubricant solution to our customers.

Main Aim of Armor Lubricants Manufacturers in UAE:

The main aim of Armor Lubricant Manufacturers in UAE is to meet the requirements of its customers by providing high quality products and enhancing the solutions. We have a panel of experts and with their years of experience, they are able to understand the market and its demands. Our innovative vision ensures that the lubricant technology will enhance its services and will reach global customers easily.

    Today, we have established our market and we offer an expensive inventory of raw materials as we have specialized knowledge of custom-blended petroleum solvent and water-based products. All our lubricant products are made from premium-based oils that use high-tech additives. Our production oil is internationally registered and it is recognized by premium organizations.

    Armor Lubricants manufacturing Company in UAE Celebrates 10 Years Achievements in Lubricants Business

    Let’s have a look at the Journey of Armor Lubricants and see how it has shown progress. 10 Years of Achievements of Armor Lubricants are as follows-

    Armor Lubricants began its journey in 2012

    In 2013 Armor Lubricants started

    • Manufacturing and exporting high-quality Lubricants
    • It has started trade with UAE-Iraq
    • Made for the purpose of UAE Exhibition

    In 2014 Lubricant Oil Manufacturers in UAE earned Sharjah Excellence Economic Award. It has also discovered Automechanika in Dubai.

    In 2015 it has also discovered Automechanika in Jeddah

    • It has also discovered Industrial Entrepreneurship with Minister of Economy H.E. Eng.AI Mansouri.

    In 2016 it has shown progress Automechanika in Dubai

    In 2017 it has come up with Sharjah Industrial Committee

    In 2018 it expanded the distribution Network in Europe. North America and South America. It has also started Trade with UAE-Ghana

    In 2019 it has started Automechanika Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

    • Automechanika Dubai
    • Launch of Professional Car Care Chemicals and Additives
    • It has achieved success as a Strategic Partner at Sharjah Economic Development Department

    In 2020 it has followed all the rules of Covid-19 and didn’t work during this period

    In 2021 it has manufactured the latest Full Synthetic API Grade (API SPI Latest Oil Categories)

    • During this year it has also launched a Premium Car Care Center in Sharjah, UAE.

    In 2022 Armor Lubricants Manufacturers in UAE showed its expansion and broadened its product and services by offering new regions around Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia. Its main aim is to maximize the profit margin of the customers.

    Armor Lubricants 2030 Vision: A prosperous future through innovation

    We strive to deliver growth and make a positive impact through our sustainable growth objectives. Continuing to explore, develop, and produce reserves is of the utmost importance to us.

    Our mission is to operate safely, meet expectations, and be the partner of choice for our customers. As a team, Armor works towards a better future for our stakeholders and society in general.

    Closing Lines

    If you are looking for guaranteed performance and don’t want any type of hurdle then you should prefer the products from Armor Lubricants manufacturers in UAE. It has expert engineers who will produce the products as per the demand of the market. It formulates and ensures that the product will meet the high expectations of its customers and enhances the life of the lubricant oils.

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