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    Best Performance Engine Oil : An Auto Enthusiast Favorite

    There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of lubricant oil companies around the world. Many of these manufacturers offer engine oil for consumer vehicles. However, Armor Lubricants is the best performance engine oil of choice for a growing number of auto enthusiasts. Why is that?

    In this guide, we’ll explore what it is that makes Armor Lubricants’ range of best performance engine oil, as well as why the company has such staying power in an increasingly competitive industry

    Armor Lubricants and its brands

    Who is Armor Lubricants?

    Armor Lubricants is an industry-leading lubricant manufacturer in uae founded and headquartered in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We’re also driven by the belief that quality, reliability, and efficiency in all of our processes deliver benefits to our customers, whether you’re changing the engine oil in your personal car or maintaining a fleet of business vehicles. You might also be familiar with some of our brands, including:

    • Spear Lubricants
    • Armada Lubricants
    • Ace Lubricants
    • Perfect Lubricants
    • Enzo Lubricants
    • Lawrence Lubricants

    Our product range runs the gamut from premium engine oil to gear and transmission oil, power steering fluid, and options for heavy-duty engines, as well, all of which are formulated to stringent standards to ensure quality and performance.

    Armor Lubricants High-Performance Engine Oils

    One reason that Armor Lubricants is such a trusted name in the world of best performance engine oil that offers.

    Premium Engine Oil

    We design and manufacture some of the highest-quality premium engine oil in the world, including API category SL, SJ, SN, and SM. Our oils are formulated using high-quality base oils extracted from the Middle East, Russia, and other nations, and combined with additives designed to protect your engine and improve its performance and lifespan.

    Synthetic Engine Oil

    Our selection of premium engine oil and Synthetic engine oil offers outstanding protection, boosts performance, improves lifespan, and cuts your costs. We also offer high-quality diesel engine oil!

      Full Synthetic Engine Oil

      In addition to conventional mineral oil formulations, we are also proud to offer a range of full synthetic engine oil, including SN and SM categories. Our synthetic formulas are designed for ultra-performance, reliability, and the robust protection that our customers need and deserve.

      Qualities of Our Best Performance Engine Oil

      Armor Engine Oil with Outstanding Protection and Performance

      Both our mineral oil products and our full synthetic motor oil formulations are designed to deliver outstanding protection and performance in the most demanding of environments. Our customers regularly cite these qualities as reasons why they recommend our lubricant products to others, including:

      Oil Weight Range

      From 5w30, 10W30 to 25W60 engine oil, we offer the right weight for every application. Whether you have a daily driver to maintain, a weekend warrior to race, a vehicle used for business, or something else entirely, our range of weights provides the flexibility and range of options needed in today’s world.

      API Categories

      We manufacture our oil formulations for today’s engines but also understand that many of our customers have older vehicles that must be maintained. For that reason, we produce several different API categories of oil, including SL, SM, SN, and SJ. However, you will never find obsolete oils on offer.

      Faster Cold Start and Immediate Protection

      Armor Lubricants are formulated to provide Maximum Protection

      Engines using lower-quality oil formulations often struggle to start when they are cold (after sitting overnight or for several hours – not a denotation of ambient temperature). Our products are designed to remain in the oil channels longer, providing ongoing protection even after hours of sitting. They also help improve the speed of cranking and eliminate harsh starts.

        Reduced Fuel Consumption

        designed to provide outstanding lubrication for more power for vehicles

        The better lubricated an engine, the smoother its internal components operate. Reduced friction means less stress and strain, which in turn requires less power. Our oil formulations are designed to provide outstanding lubrication that ensures smooth operation at all times, providing more power for the vehicle while simultaneously reducing fuel consumption and saving our customers money.

        Better High-Temperature Protection

        Automotive engines produce a great deal of heat. Couple that with a climate like that of the Middle East and temperatures can soar to very dangerous levels. Our mineral oil formulations are designed to provide protection from engine-killing heat, and our fully synthetic blends offer even more protection while maintaining viscosity. The result? A longer-lasting engine that requires fewer repairs and less maintenance, costing our customers less money over time.

        Powerful Detergent Action

        Armor Lubricants Designed with Powerful Detergent Action

        Engines require petrol to combust. However, one of the unfortunate side effects of combustion is the creation of unwanted contaminants and debris. This collects on the surfaces of engine components, reducing performance and increasing wear and tear. Our products are designed with powerful detergent action to remove those contaminants, improving engine performance and prolonging its lifespan.

        Wear Protection

        Armor Lubricant products are designed to provide industry-leading wear protection

        Internal wear and tear within an engine are unavoidable. However, that doesn’t mean you have to allow it to accelerate and destroy your engine. Our products are designed to provide industry-leading wear protection, particularly for piston rings and cylinder liners. As a result, our customers enjoy longer-lasting engines and can save substantial amounts of money over the life of their vehicle.

        Armor Lubricants – Certifications of Quality

        We understand the importance of third-party verification and complying with both industry norms and international best practices. We are committed to developing products that go above and beyond, as well. Our certifications showcase that commitment and prove our ability to deliver best performance engine oils formulated to meet the exacting specifications and performance requirements of today’s petrol and diesel engines. Our certifications include:

        • UAE Certificate of Conformity – ESMA
        • OEM Approved
        • ISO 45001 Occupational health and Safety Management Systems
        • OHSAS 18001 Certification
        • Enzo Lubricants
        • ISO 9001 Quality Management
        • ISO 14001 Environment Management

        Experience the Armor Lubricants Difference Yourself

        Armor Lubricants Best Features
        Contact Armor Lubricants - Reputation and Loyal Customers we have won

        While we’re proud of the reputation we’ve built and the number of loyal customers we’ve won, we understand that sometimes the only way to appreciate something is to try it yourself. We invite you to experience the difference that Armor Lubricants engine oil can make in your daily life. Whether you’re interested in prolonging the engine in your personal vehicle, finding cost-effective ways to maintain a fleet, or have another need, you’ll find exactly the right product within our range of best performance engine oil. Contact us today to know more about what we offer, how we formulate our industry best performance engine oil, or how to purchase our lubricant oils.

          +971 52 977 6000