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Everything You Need to Know About Dot 4 Synthetic Brake Fluid

Dot 4 Synthetic Brake Fluid Infographics

Dot 4 Synthetic Brake Fluid: Reasons You Need to Use It

Reasons why you need to use DOT 4 Synthetic brake fluid:

  • Better heat resistance – Synthetic DOT 4 brake fluid has a higher boiling point than conventional brake fluid, which means it can withstand higher temperatures without boiling. This is important because brake fluid can boil if it gets too hot, which can lead to a loss of braking power.
  • Better low-temperature performance – DOT 4 Synthetic brake fluid also has better low-temperature performance than conventional brake fluid. This means it flows more easily in cold weather, which can help to ensure that your brakes work properly even in cold weather.
  • Longer lifespan – DOT 4 Synthetic brake fluid lasts longer than conventional brake fluid. This means you won’t have to change it as often, which can save you time and money.
  • Less corrosive – DOT 4 Synthetic brake fluid is less corrosive than conventional brake fluid. This means it is less likely to damage the seals and components in your brake system.

Overall, DOT 4 Synthetic brake fluid offers a number of advantages over conventional brake fluid. If you want to keep your brakes safe and reliable, then you should use DOT 4 Synthetic brake fluid.

Dot 4 Synthetic Brake Fluid Benefits:

  • DOT 4 Synthetic brake fluid is made with synthetic base oils, which are more stable and resistant to degradation than the petroleum-based base oils used in conventional brake fluid.
  • DOT 4 Synthetic brake fluid also contains additives that help to improve its performance and protect your brake system.
  • Synthetic DOT 4 brake fluid is typically more expensive than conventional brake fluid, but the increased performance and longer lifespan can make it a worthwhile investment.

How does Brake Lubricant Affect the Life of the Vehicle?

Brake Fluid is an integral part of the hydraulic brake system. It is one of the greatest inventions that take the responsibility of transferring the force into pressure and it also amplifies the braking force. Armor understands that the brake lubricant transfers the force as soon as the user of the vehicle applies force to the pedal of the brake. It works because the liquids are incompressible.

Be careful with the Brake Fluid present in your car as its leakage may cause the brake lubricant and your brakes will stop functioning well. If you are facing any type of problem and you find any leakage in your vehicle then make sure that you take your vehicle to a professional and get it thoroughly inspected properly.

Over time just like other oils, the impact of brake lubricant reduces and it is less effective. So, it becomes your duty to keep checking on the amount of brake oil present in your vehicle. Its reduced amount may decrease its efficiency and your vehicle may stop at a random place. Brake oil starts absorbing the moisture with time so it becomes necessary that you should take your vehicle for a routine checkup if you don’t want to waste your time afterward. For peace of mind, you should always take your vehicle to the service station and get its complete checkup.

Your Brake oil needs service depending on its annual mileage. So, don’t take your vehicle at any time to the service station. Understand your car and listen to professionals as they will give you a complete guide and with this, you will be able to understand your vehicle clearly and will be able to provide you with the best service.

When to change the Brake Fluid of the vehicle?

We are sure that now you must have understood that there is no perfect time to change the Brake oil of your car. It totally depends on the style of driving your vehicle. If you don’t want to destroy the experience of driving the vehicle then you have to take it to the experts and they will give you the right and accurate guidance. Every vehicle has different demands and so as its requirements. So, it is advised that you should not provide any random oil or service to your vehicle.

Dot 4 Synthetic brake fluid contains chemicals to prevent it from corroding metal brake parts and help it work well at high temperatures.

    High–quality synthetic brake and clutch fluid suitable for passenger cars, trucks, and buses. It enhances the performance of the cars and it also maintains its long life.

    Armor Lubricants Brake Fluid Dot 4 250ml

    Features of Brake Fluid are as follows:-

    • DOT 4 Brake Fluid provides a high wet boiling point and it also works best on low-temperature and thermal stability.
    • Brake Fluid Dot 4 known for high temperature and stickiness performance.
    • Dot 4 Synthetic Brake Fluid provides protection from corrosion.
    • Synthetic Brake Fluid is compatible with other fluids and it is also compatible with rubber seals.

    Final thoughts

    Dot 4 Synthetic Brake Fluid helps brakes work better. It meets DOT 4 specifications and is made of synthetic materials. It is also good to use in Passenger and heavy vehicles for high-performance.

    Armor lubricants are one of the leading brake fluid manufacturer in uae that takes the responsibility of providing high-class Brake Fluid  not only to the local residents but also to its products and services to the people living in global places. So, if you are looking for a high-class Brake Oil then you can reach out to Armor Lubricants and we’ll fulfill all your brake fluid requirements.

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