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The Best Engine Oil in UAE – Read Before Buying

Armor Lubricants Blog Post Guide to Choose Best Engine Oil in UAE Featured Banner Image

What is the Best Engine Oil in UAE?

If you are searching for the best engine oil in the UAE, you probably have a car maintenance appointment soon and it is time to change the oil. Car service centres may only have one or two types of car engine oil. when you go online, there are plenty of options to choose from. Do not worry, we are going to help you to find the best engine oil in UAE for your car.

Engine Oil Price vs Quality

Variety of options means multiple prices and different price ranges. You can find pricy products in the market, as well as low-cost ones. Here you have to ask: does expensive mean better and cheap means worse? Well, yes and no.

Expensive car engine oil usually has higher quality. But keep in mind that there is a price to pay for advertisement. A portion of the price goes to cover the marketing expenses, so you are paying for the name when you buy from big brands, but yes you get higher quality.

On the other hand, cheap car engine oil has often lower quality. You do not get to reduce the price beyond a certain limit without sacrificing the quality.

Cheap motor oils may seem as good on paper, but in reality, their functionality does not match. So, you may be risking your engine here and could end up paying the difference in the costs of engine repairs and increased gas consumption.

How to find the best motor oil?

It is easy, if you do not mind paying a lot of extra money, go for the expensive famous engine oils. To get better deals without compromising quality, explore the local choices. UAE has some of the pioneering lubricant manufacturers. You can get excellent quality at a good price. The best engine oil in UAE can be UAE-made.

Best Engine Oil in UAE Based On Your Engine

In the gas station, you choose the fuel type depending on the engine type. You can the tank with diesel when you have gas engine and vise versa. When it comes to car engine oil, you should consider the type of fuel as well.

Motor oil has a specific function which is to reduce friction and increase the power delivered to wheels. This applies for every case regardless of the type of fuel used in the engine. However, the engine themselves are different.

The working conditions in each of each engine are different. Diesel engines have to withstand higher temperatures. Petrol engines must be protected against wear. Due to such differences the specifications needed for each engine varies. Diesel engine oil usually has higher viscosity.

Some types of engine oil can be used for both. If you want to use one type for the opposite engine, make sure to consult with an expert first.

Best Engine Oil in UAE for Summer and Winter

Heat plays a key role in engine oil function. As a general rule, oil gets thinner when heated and thicker when cooled. In the engine, you have to make sure your car motor oil has a suitable viscosity to function properly.

UAE residents and even tourists know how hot can it be during the summer months. Temperature ranges between 25 and 41. During those hot days, the need for cars increases dramatically. People drive no matter how close their destination is.

On the other hand, the weather is moderate during winter months. Temperature ranges usually between 12 and 22 Celsius. People use the car to go on long trips and enjoy the cool breeze.

You do not have to switch the engine oil to have the best performance. According to the numbers, 10W-40 oil can be the best engine oil in UAE. However, you can also use 20W-40 so you can keep your car in the safe range.


The best engine oil in UAE is the engine oil that meets your car’s needs. Consider the type, grade, and prices, and you will have your answer. Here at Armor Lubricants, we produce premium engine oil in different grades to meet the needs of your cars. Feel free to contact us and check our products, You can also call us or talk with our team on WhatsApp at any time.

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