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    Boost Gearbox Performance with Dexron ATF Fluid

    Dexron Automatic Transmission Fluid Improves Gearbox Performance

    Inside any shop that sells automatic transmission fluid ATF, you will hear many different ambiguous words such as Dexron, Mercon, CVT, etc. Sometimes, the owner will try to say that one is superior to other like “Dexron Transmission Fluid” is better than Mercon, or switching to mercon transmission fluid will improve your cars performance.

    Since you can not always trust the words of sales people, you must stop and ask yourself, are they telling the truth? Can it Dexron enhance my Gearbox’s performance? And we are here to answer.

    Let us start with the first question:

    What is Dexron Automatic Transmission Fluid?

    Dexron is the trade mark General Motors (GM) has created and it represents a set of technical specifications for Dexron Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF). When you find a pack of ATF on the shelf with the word Dexron on it, it means that the formula used to produce it follows these technical specifications.

    Is Dexron Better or Worse than other ATF Types?

    After clarifying the idea of Dexron, we need to move another point which is: is Dexron better or worse than other ATF types, and the answer is: it is neither better nor worse.

    Saying that Dexron ATF is better or worse of Mercon for example, is similar to a comparison between two medicines for different conditions. To have a question that makes sense, you must add the transmission type to the equation.

    ATFs are made in accordance with Dexron specifications, because transmissions already do. This means that GM transmissions are made to deliver optimal performance with Dexron, Ford and Mazda design their transmission to be compatible with Mercon, …etc.

    Key Properties of Dexron Transmission Fluid

    The Evolution of Dexron: From Dexron-I to Dexron-VI

    The first Dexron fluid, Dexron (B), was released in 1967. It was composed of a more stable, less reactive, hydrotreated Group 1 base oil plus additives to help prevent foaming, oxidation, and damage from elevated temperatures.

    Over the years, Dexron atf fluid have been updated to improve their performance and compatibility with newer transmissions.

    In 1973, GM updated the specifications to improve Dexron and Dexron-II (C) was released with a revised additive package that included corrosion and rust inhibitors.

    In two years, General Motors released Dexron-II (D with an improved low-temperature flow characteristic, but the next update did not take place till 1990 when they produced new formula with enhanced anti-foaming characteristics and high-temperature oxidation stability under the name of Dexron-II (E).

    In 1993, Dexron-III (F) was released with a new additive package that improved friction stability, high-temperature oxidation stability, and material compatibility.

    Dexron-III (G) was in the market in 1998 with an updated friction modifier and oxidatively stable base oil. Dexron-III(H) was released in 2003 with an even longer fluid life and improved friction properties.

    The latest generation of Dexron atf fluid is Dexron-VI (J). It was introduced back in 2006 with new design to boost transmission performance. Dexron-VI formula added better properties such as better low-temperature fluidity, oxidation stability, and friction reduction.

    Dexron ATF fluid and Compatibility with Vehicles.

    Reading about the evolution of Dexron ATF fluids over the years might guide you to say, hey why do not I use Dexron VI for my older car, it is better, it has better additives, and should offer enhanced performance. But really, should you?

    Technically, it should be ok to use Dexron VI ATF instead of Dexron II for your car. Dexron ATF Oil are made to be backward compatible. However, it is always better to follow the recommendations of the manual.

    In other words, it is probably ok to use Dexron atf Transmission Fluid VI when Dexron II is not available, and the performance will be almost the same. Yet, we do not suggest you switch to it permanently and stick to the guideline provided by the car manufacturer.

    Automatic Transmission Fluid Dexron: Performance Unlocked

    Armor Lubricant is a prominent manufacturer of high-quality lubricants for automotive, industrial, and marine applications. Automatic transmission fluids that are compatible with Dexron transmissions.

    These products include:

    Automatic transmission fluid dexron 3: A high-performance ATF that is backward compatible with Dexron-II (E) and Dexron-II (D) fluids. Has a special formula designed for use in a wide range of automatic transmissions, including those made by General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, and Toyota. For technical Parameters of this Dexron 3 atf view here.

    Automatic transmission fluid dexron vi: Dexron vi transmission fluid is versatile and compatible with a wide range of transmissions. Dexron 6 atf can be used for light cars, heavy duty vehicles, and even commercial vehicles. For ATF Dexron vi product technical datasheet, get info here.

    Are you in the lubricant, spare parts, or trading business? Expand your inventory with a high-demand product. Become a ATF Fluid distributor today! Maximize your profits with Dexron transmission fluid. A trusted brand from renowned manufacturer with excellent margins for distributors.

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