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Why Industrial Lubricants are Essential to Maximizing Equipment Lifespan

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  • Why Industrial Lubricants are Essential to Maximizing Equipment Lifespan

Why are industrial lubricants important?

No matter how what type of machinery you use in your factory, or what purpose they serve (manufacturing, transportation, etc) there is always a need for a lubricant between the moving parts.

Machines have solved a huge problem when they helped increase the speed of manufacturing, and improved the productivity. In instance, the production jumped from few pieces a day to tens of them hourly.

However, you know what they say, with new solutions comes new problems. Industrial machines have moving parts, their constant contact lead to fast wear and tear, thus there has been a need to lubricate them to ensure longer lifespan.

Why lubrication is very important in maintaining our tools and equipment?

Industrial equipment is quite expensive, not only to buy, but also to operate. Buying them is considered an investment which you need to make the most of it. Maintenance is a way to prolong the lifespan for machines as it helps by preventing break down, and fixing them.

Lubrication is among the preventive maintenance it is vital because it:

Reduces friction between moving parts

  • Cools the equipment
  • Protects the equipment from corrosion
  • Seals out dust and dirt
  • Absorbs shock and vibration
  • Extends the life of the equipment.

What is the importance of lubricating system maintenance?

Industrial machines are evolving to become more complicated each day. The requirements are changing as the lubrication methods do. New industrial machines now have lubricating systems to ensure seamless lubrication.

Lubricating system maintenance is essential, and trying to ignore it comes with high price to pay and here is why.

Prevents Contamination

Lubricants prevent dirt from getting to the machine, by taking it away and keeping it in the tank. Over long period of time, these lubricants will become contaminated with dirt, debris, or water. As a result, their efficiency will not be the same, and lubrication process will loose its effectiveness.

Protects from Breakdown

Without proper maintenance, the lubrication system can break down, leading to the machine working without lubrication which will eventually lead to machine break down.

Prevents Costly repairs

When the system or the machine breaks down, you will have to spend a lot more to fix them. Not to mention the losses caused by production pause.

What are the causes of Oil Degradation

Industrial oils are not meant to last for ever, yet it is hard to know when to replace them. We already know that they are changed because they loose their effectiveness, and knowing the reasons behind that can help us determine when to schedule the changes, and how to choose a different lubricant if needed.

There are several causes to oil degradation, and the most common ones are:


Oxidation is the interaction between oxygen molecules and the oil. When oils are oxidated, its viscosity is increased as well as the formation of varnish, and sludge and sometimes, oxidation may cause depletion of additives.

It is easy to discover oxidation, as it will increase the acidic number for the oil and lead to more rust.

Thermal Breakdown

Industrial machines generate heat, and it is lubricants job to cool them down and dispense of this heat. However, lubricants resilience to heat varies greatly. Lubricants start to lose some of their properties when heat reaches certain points.

Lubricants have optimal operating temperature, and exceeding it will reduce the lifespan greatly.

Additive Depletion

Additives are used in the oil to enhance its performance and they are used up during the lifespan of the oil. When additives are depleted from the oil, it will be as if you have different lubricant.


Dirt air and water all have fine metal particles that can change the properties of the oil and make it lose its effectiveness. Contamination affect oil gradually, over time, the oil will be useless and require replacement.

Armor Lubricants and industrial oil  

Armor Lubricants has been manufacturing industrial oils for more than a decade. Clients and customers in over 50 countries worldwide are using our products knowing that we never compromise quality.

Armor has a variety of industrial lubricants that are made to fulfill the needs of all your equipment. For any questions you may have, do not hesitate to call us we are always happy to help.

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