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Armor Lubricants at MIMS Automobility Moscow 2022

International Trade Fair Moscow 2022 - Visited by Armor Lubricants Manufacturer in UAE

MIMS Automobility Moscow 2022

MIMS Automobility Moscow 2022 is a place for the International Trade Fair for Automotive production, aftermarket and service industry. It is the largest integrated trade fair that opens the opportunity for both B2B and B2C traders.

Armor Lubricants‘ sales team visited the Business Meet to expand our business and wanted to extend our reach in the global market. There were about 18 countries who participated in this trade fair.

It is one of the largest Trade fairs that proved to be a great opportunity for new startups and it added new wings to the existing business owners. Now the question arises: why did we visit this place and what products are present at this International Trade Fair?

Don’t worry, we are here with the exact answers as we don’t want you to get confused.

International Trade Fair

MIMS Automobility Moscow 2022 had brought a great innovation and in this International Trade Fair it has given Armor lubricants new and well-designed opportunities to the business owners such as-

  • Experts dealing in parts and components of the engine, brake system, mechanical parts, steering, wheels and other parts of the cars.
  • Owners dealing in repairing tools, bodywork repairs, Paintwork and Anticorrosion protection.
  • Technical customized accessories related to motor vehicles will also become the attraction point of the fair.
  • Batteries and other electronic items such as electrical power supply, cables and other plugs were also found here.
  • Different types of oils, coolants and lubricants also became a part of this trade fair.
  • Digital service managers and auto dealers took an active part in the International Trade Fair.

This International Trade fair not only connected different business owners but it also connected different service providers.

Relationship and Logistics 

With Iran and South Korea, China is good as well as UAE. For import purposes Iran to the Caspian Sea to Russia and by rail to cities. The journey is 30-60 days but the lines offer new routes and, on this route, the imported products can reach the destination within 27 days.

Duration of Meeting

The Duration for the Meeting was 5 days from 22nd August to 26th August 2022.

Business collaborations

Armor team will collaborate with industry experts from the energy business discussing the energy revolution, creating significant value in a post-carbon world, emphasizing innovative technology, and future mobility for our brand development and 16 visitors visited for Business development at MIMS.

Professional and Social Attitude

There is no language barrier and the work procedure is clear and understandable.

Views of our Team Visiting an International Trade Fair

Our team visited the International Trade Fair and found the privilege of visiting this place. Here we found new opportunities and really got an exposure here. We met many new companies and got to know about the hidden business opportunities through which we can grow our business on the global level. Armor Lubricants presented its PERFECT brands at the Business Meet.

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