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Armor Diesel System Cleaner removes resin deposits and clears sticking injection pumps and injection nozzles. It gets rid of the caused contamination that’s been maintained throughout the diesel engines’ fuel system from the tank to the combustion chambers. The fuel atomization is developed. This product lubricates and protects the Diesel injection system and the entire upper cylinder area. It also eliminates the carbon residues and soot deposits, prevents oxidation of the fuel and regeneration of microorganisms.

Area of Applications

Armor Diesel System Cleaner is Recommended for engines with particle fitter, turbo, and catalytic converter. It performs for the diesel-powered engines.


Blending Ratio: 1:250. 300 ml – 80 Liters Diesel.

Reaction Time

Works while the engine is performing.


Before refueling, Armor Diesel System Cleaner should be used directly into the diesel tank before applying any special cleaning tools.

Our Packaging Sizes

  • 300ml