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Engine Restoration (Component 1: Foam Cleaner)


This component is a high-performance solution that’s formulated specially to eliminate and dissolve all contaminations that are produced operationally in the entire engine combustion chamber. This component eliminates carbon residues in the head area of the cylinder, particularly on the piston crown, valves, piston top land and first piston section. Furthermore, it cleans the intake and exhaust valves seats (if open), effectively removes the residues in the turbocharges, EGR valve, and the air intake system (intake manifold to intake valves).

Area of Applications

This product is applicable for Petrol and Diesel Engines.


500ml for 4 to 8 cylinder (depending on the capacity of the cylinder) or 2 to 4 EGR valves, turbocharges, or intake system.

Reaction Time

15 to 20 minutes.


  • This product doesn’t damage seals.
  • Compatible with all components of the engine.


Combustion Chamber:
Remove the injector or spark plug and place the probe through the resulting opening in the combustion chamber. Spray the foam cleaner. The product boosts its volume and extends to the inlet and outlet channels (if open). When the foam comes out of the port, spraying and allow around 15-20 minutes until react. We suggest spraying the foam cleaner up to 5 seconds per combustion chamber to prevent overdosing by using the foam cleaner.

After using the cleaning foam, insert the probe of the neutralizer on the same access port and allow to react until the cleaner is dissolved. (approximately 4-5 minutes). Spray multiple times if required. Use a Carbon X Extractor to extract the resulting emulsion. For heavy soiling, process must be repeated.

After cleaning is complete and the dissembled components are placed (Injector or spark plug), allow the engine to run at idle empty for 2 to 3 times for approx. 10 seconds through the starter to extract the residual amounts. We suggest covering the openings(injectors or spark plug) with a cleaning paper that will absorb residual amounts and protect the engine compartment from contamination.
The cleaning effects can be tested with an available endoscope camera.

For maximum cleaning outcome, an additional cleaning of the air intake system (Triple X Plus Air Intake System Cleaner) is recommended to remove the last contaminations.

EGR, Turbocharges, and intake manifold:
The application depends on the accessibility and can be performed in the mounted and dissembled state.

Open the intake manifold between the throttle valve and the air intake filter box, or disconnect the inlet and outlet lines from the turbocharges or the EGR valve. Spray all areas with the foam cleaner. When the foam passes through all access openings, stop spraying and allow to react for 15 to 20 minutes approx.
A test run if at least 20 minutes is necessary after assembly of the parts.

NOTE: This is a highly specialized application requiring profound expertise!
We recommend the application in dismantled state. The throttle valve must be open to clean the intake tract.
Then, clean the combustion chamber.

Our Packaging Sizes

  • 500ml

+971 52 977 6000