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Armor Lubricants premium full synthetic motor oil 5w30 has improved the properties of the oil as compared to the mineral oils. The chemical processes such as synthesis technologies or polymerization are used to manufacture this type of high mileage motor oil in UAE.

Customer Benefits of Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5w30, 5w20 and 0w20 API SN:

  • It reduces the friction and improves the overall function of the vehicle
  • It provides a complete protection to the equipment
  • It controls the temperature
  • It expands the lifecycle of the vehicle by improving the overall function of the vehicle
  • It helps the vehicle to run smoothly, and the life of the vehicle also extends.
  • Its viscosity index is better as compared to other oils.
  • Its decreased evaporation loss quality increases its demand among users.
  • It is widely used as it results in less wastage, which makes it last longer.
  • It is good for pockets, and it contributes much to improving the economy.
  • Increases the horsepower of the engine.

SAE Grades





  • Low fuel consumption synthetic blend motor oil
  • Suitable for modern catalysts
  • Fast cold start
  • Safe lubrication film at high temperatures
  • Extended oil drain intervals
  • Very good detergency and dispersion
  • Very strong protection against wear, corrosion and foaming


5w30 synthetic motor oil is better and it can be widely used in cold regions. It can flow easily in cold weather and no loss of oil in cold weather increases its demand. It is prepared at a molecular level by the engineering Mineral Oils.

The preparation method of 5w20 engine oil helps an oil to get rid of all the impurities as it makes the structure of the molecules more uniform which makes the oil to compete strongly in the most challenging conditions.

SAE 5w-30 synthetic motor oil enhances the properties of the engine as it improves the ultimate performance of the engine and makes it appropriate for extreme climatic conditions. It also enhances the detergent property which helps an engine to get rid of carbon deposits and it can fight against corrosion also.


Armor Full Synthetic Motor Oil API SN is a universal, fuel economy, low SAPS synthetic motor oil 5w-30 recommended for use in petrol and diesel vehicle engines, with or without turbo-charging, in passenger cars and light vehicles with extended oil drain intervals. Due to its low SAPS content, this best full synthetic motor oil can be applied in vehicles with modern three way catalysts and diesel particle filters.

Armor Lubricants Full Synthetic motor oil 5w30 are popularly used to lubricates the moving parts of the vehicles and reduces the friction and suspending particles that helps an engine to maintain its life for a long time.

Synthetic 0w20 motor oil is thinner as compared to other oils. It is the best motor oil for high mileage and widely used and accepted by the users as its demand increases because it gets thinner and the engine starts without any extra effort. The viscosity of the oil becomes 20 as as soon as the engine reached its normal operating temperature.


Armor Full Synthetic Motor Oil API SN meets the following performance specifications:

  • API SN
  • ACEA C3
  • Dexos 2
  • MB-229.31/229.51/229.52
  • Renault RN0700 / 0710
  • BMW LL-04

Our Packaging Sizes

  • CAN - 1L, 4L, 5L, 6L, 7L
  • PAL/BUCKET - 20L, 25L
  • DRUM - 200L, 208L
  • IBC - 1,000L
  • FLEXI BAG - 20,000L