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    Why 5w40 Oil Synthetic Blend is the Ultimate Protection and Performance: Comprehensive Guide

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    • Why 5w40 Oil Synthetic Blend is the Ultimate Protection and Performance: Comprehensive Guide

    Why 5w40 Oil Synthetic is the Ultimate Protection and Performance?

    Armor Lubricants 5w40 Synthetic Oil for Protection and Performance

    Understanding Viscosity and the Importance of 5w40 Oil Synthetic Blend.

    You should buy 5W40 oil synthetic Blend Oil for your car, it is the right choice! I have heard this statement before, and back then I had no idea what the salesman meant. Now that I know that there are many others who also still do not, I decided to explain it and show how simple it is.

    Let us start by saying that 5w-40 is a symbol that represents viscosity, which is the resistance fluids show to flow. In the context of motor oils, it’s a measure of how easily the oil pours at a specified temperature.

    Why is it related to temperature? because oil’s characteristics vary depending on its temperature. when heated, oil can become thinner, while cooling it down makes it thicker and denser.

    The right viscosity is crucial for ensuring that an engine is properly lubricated in all operating conditions. But since the weather changes dramatically between summer and winter, there come the multi-grade oils to help.

    The numbers in the oil classification (like 5W-40) represent the viscosity of the oil as defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) viscosity grading system:

    The first number followed by the letter “W” (which stands for Winter) indicates the oil’s viscosity at cold temperatures (specifically at 0°F (-17.7778 Celsius)). A lower number means the oil is less viscous and therefore, thinner at low temperatures.

    Using engine oils with lower numbers such as 5W makes it easier for cold starts and provides quicker protection as the oil can flow faster to the critical parts of the engine during startup.

    The second number indicates the oil’s viscosity at high temperatures (specifically at 212°F (100 Celsius)). A higher number means the oil is thicker at high temperatures. We can call it the summer number because it will ensure better lubrication in hot weather as it can maintain a better lubricating film and protect the engine components under high stress and high temperature.

    Using 5W-40 Full Synthetic Motor Oil for Everyday Driving

    Synthetic 5w40 oil is one of the commonly used products among all kinds of cars due to its performance in different conditions. A fully synthetic premium oil from a good brand can be your car’s best friend with a long-term relationship.

    Benefits of using 5W40 Oil Synthetic Blend for Engine Performance

    • Engine Protection: Synthetic oils typically have superior thermal and oxidative stability, which means they break down more slowly than conventional oils. Slower breakdown means extended life of the engine and prolonged protection against the buildup of harmful sludge and deposits.
    • Fuel Efficiency: The improved flow characteristics of 5W-40 full synthetic motor oil can lead to reduced internal engine friction, which may help to improve fuel efficiency compared to using thicker, conventional oils.
    • Extended Oil Change Intervals: When you choose 5W40 oil synthetic blend, you can maintain its protective qualities for longer periods than conventional oils, potentially allowing for longer intervals between oil changes, which can save money and reduce waste oil disposal needs over time.

    Can 5W-40 Full Synthetic Motor Oil be Used in Formula 1 Racing?

    It is a very good oil, with improved qualities and enhanced protection, and a common choice for passenger cars and heavy trucks altogether. But can we use synthetic 5w40 oil for high performance vehicles like Formula 1 racing cars?

    Before answering that question, it is vital to ask: What is the difference between a passenger car’s engine and a Formula 1 engine? And why are there differences between them?

    Passenger Car Engines and Formula 1 Engines are very different in terms of:

    • Design
    • Performance
    • Purpose.

    Passenger car engines are designed to be reliable, fuel-efficient, and durable. They must also be made to be easier to maintain and economical.

    Formula 1 engines, on the other hand, are designed for maximum performance. Formula 1 cars have the same speed and high performance and require the highest possible power and torque even at the expense of fuel efficiency, reliability, and durability.

    With that in mind, can it be used? The answer is yes, it is possible, but not recommended! To operate smoothly under conditions that demand the highest performance from every component, we always advise using more viscous oil, such as 5W-60.

    When you want to choose a 5W-40 synthetic oil for a Formula 1 car, it is better to choose one that is made specifically for racing. Such synthetic oil lubricants will certainly have the needed additives to provide wear protection and prevent damage to the engine.

    Armor Lubricants 5W40 Oil Synthetic for High Performance

    Regular Oil Changes and Maintenance with Synthetic Blend 5W40 Oil

    Synthetic oil has a longer lifespan and better protection, so how does that affect the regular oil change?  in the past, experts and car manufacturers used to advise changing the oil every 3 to 6 months or every 3000 to 5000 miles (5000 to 8000 KM).

    Today, it is different; the engine oils are more advanced and capable of protecting the engine more efficiently. You no longer need to change the oil 3 or 4 times a year and still feel confident about the safety of your vehicle.

    5W40 Synthetic blend oil can protect your engine for up to 12 months or 10,000 miles (15,000 KM). However, as always, we must say that you need to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation and take the car’s age as a main factor here.

    When it comes to buying the best engine oil brand, Armor Lubricants has established itself as a rapidly rising force in the UAE’s engine oil market, consistently delivering top-performing products that satisfy a growing demand for quality and innovation.

    Are you in the lubricants, spare parts, or automotive workshop industry? We’re seeking passionate distributors to join our growing network. Armor Lubricants holds a distinguished position as a top-tier lubricants company in UAE and exports its finished lubricant products to over 52+ countries worldwide.

    Armor Lubricants isn't just a player; it's a rapidly expanding with cutting-edge technology and high-performance products. They're redefining the future of engine oil in the UAE. Armor Lubricants is certainly a prominent and fast-growing engine oil manufacturer in the UAE.

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