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    ISO 100 Hydraulic Fluid: The Ideal Solution for High-Performance Equipment

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    • ISO 100 Hydraulic Fluid: The Ideal Solution for High-Performance Equipment

    What is ISO 100 Hydraulic Fluid?

    Best Hydraulic Oil for Industrial Applications

    ISO 100 Hydraulic Fluid is a type of hydraulic fluid that is commonly used in hydraulic systems. The name comes from its viscosity rating of 100, which indicates that it is a thicker oil with higher resistance to flow compared to oils with lower viscosity ratings.

    Hydraulic Oil marked by several properties such as its high thermal stability and low volatility. Having those features makes it more resistant to breaking down at increased temperatures and reduces the chances of bubbles forming in the system.

    Although the most common type of hydraulic fluid in the market is the ISO 100 Hydraulic oil, it can be made with synthetic or semi synthetic oils as well. Each of those hydraulic oils has a different set of properties and specification therefore they may not interchangeable.

    Benefits of ISO 100 Hydraulic Fluid

    Hydraulic Oil is the preferred choice in several fields and industries including construction, manufacturing, and transportation. Experts prefer to use it in heavy-duty machinery and equipment, like excavators, cranes, and backhoes, in addition to high-performance hydraulic systems that involve precise and fast movement due to its unique properties.

    The following are some of the benefits of using ISO 100 Hydraulic Fluid:

    • High viscosity index: Having a high viscosity index reduces the change in viscosity when the system temperature goes up. Using it keeps the performance stable at a wider range of temperatures, thus protecting the hydraulic components.
    • Good thermal stability: when exposed to high temperatures, it can also resist breaking down. Its improved thermal resistance ensures good performance reducing accidents and increasing the reliability of the equipment.
    • Low volatility: Because of this feature, the chances of oil evaporation are low. Therefore, bubbles are less likely to form, which keeps the system functioning smoothly.
    • Excellent anti-wear properties: Hydraulic Oil is made of different lubricant additives to shield the hydraulic components while operating. These additives reduce the friction and slow the chemical interaction to keep seals and other parts in good condition.
    • High performance: ISO 100 hydraulic Oil is designed for high-performance hydraulic systems, ensuring that the hydraulic components operate smoothly and efficiently.

    Ideal Applications oh\ AW 100 Hydraulic Oil

    AW 100 hydraulic oil is an ideal solution for high-performance equipment in various industries, including:

    Construction and Mining

    Construction and mining equipment often operate in harsh environments and demand high-performance hydraulic oil. AW 100 hydraulic oil is a suitable choice for this equipment because it provides improved lubrication and better thermal stability, which helps to extend the lifespan of the equipment.

    Manufacturing and Processing

    Manufacturing and processing equipment also require high-quality hydraulic oil to ensure optimal performance. ISO 100 hydraulic Fluid is an ideal solution for this equipment because of its increased oxidation resistance, which helps to prevent contamination and extend the lifespan of the equipment.

    Agriculture and Forestry

    Forestry and Agriculture equipment also demand high-performance hydraulic oil. AW 100 Hydraulic Oil is a suitable choice for this equipment because it offers enhanced contamination control, which helps to keep out contaminants and maintain the performance and efficiency of the equipment.

    Do you want to learn the secrets of selecting the suitable hydraulic oil for optimal performance? Read this blog post.

    ISO 100 Hydraulic Oil vs ISO 37 Hydraulic Oil

    If you have to choose between iso 100 hydraulic oil and hydraulic oil 37, you need to consider the operating conditions of the system. This is important due to the direct relation between viscosity on load resistance.

    Viscosity: The Key Difference

    ISO 100 Hydraulic Fluid: This oil is thicker and less fluid than Hydraulic Oil 37. It’s best suited for heavy-duty machinery, high-pressure applications, and hot operating temperatures. Think of it as honey compared to water.

    ISO 37 Hydraulic Oil: This hydraulic oil 37 is a thinner, more fluid oil, ideal for lighter machinery, moderate pressure applications, and colder operating temperatures. Imagine it as olive oil compared to honey.

    Just keep in mind that you always need to check the manual before you choose. Some equipment is designed differently, and you must follow the lubricants manufacturer recommendation to ensure they remain in good condition.

    In case, if you are looking for a trusted hydraulic fluid manufacturer for your distribution business, we are the leading lubricants company in the UAE. Contact for more info.

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