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    The Hidden Force: Essential Uses of Hydraulic Oil

    Top Uses of ISO Hydraulic Oil

    Hydraulic oil, often recognized as hydraulic fluid, plays an indispensable role in the world of machinery and equipment. Serving as the lifeblood of hydraulic systems, this versatile fluid does much more than transfer power.

    Today, we delve into the multifaceted uses of ISO hydraulic oil, with a spotlight on Hydraulic Oil, to understand its critical importance in the efficient operation of hydraulic machinery.

    Power Transfer

    At its core, hydraulic fluids is renowned for its ability to transfer power within hydraulic machinery and equipment. This non-compressible fluid is essential in the process of power transmission, ensuring that machinery operates smoothly and efficiently.

    Hydraulic 10W Oil, whether synthetic or mineral-based, is designed to excel in this primary function, offering a reliable medium for power transfer in a broad range of applications.

    Hydraulic fluids such as Hydraulic 10W Oil are virtually non-compressible, which is crucial for efficient power transmission. This property ensures that when pressure is applied, it is instantly transmitted through the oil, allowing for immediate and precise control of hydraulic machinery.

    Non-compressible is a common feature for liquids but iso hydraulic oils are designed to maintain this property without being affected by factors that may occur while machinery is operating.

    Heat Transfer

    Hydraulic systems generate significant heat during operations, a byproduct of the mechanical work performed by components like pumps and motors.

    Hydraulic oil plays a crucial role in managing this heat, carrying it away from components to prevent overheating and potential damage. Heat transfer is vital for maintaining the longevity and reliability of machinery.

    Hydraulic oils effectively transfer heat within hydraulic systems due to their inherent thermal conductivity and the specific design of hydraulic systems to facilitate heat dissipation. It is essential to note that while it is a primary function for the oil, there must be heat exchangers in the hydraulic systems, especially for the larger ones. The larger the system is, the more heats it generates.

    Contaminant Removal

    The closed-loop systems of hydraulic machinery require a mechanism to manage and remove contaminants effectively. Hydrolic Oil addresses this need by carrying away particles and water from sensitive components, facilitating their removal through filters or conditioning devices.

    This cleansing process is essential for the health and efficiency of hydraulic systems. It is enhanced in modern oil thanks to the new additives technology. Additives improves the oils ability to remove water and other contaminants from the system.


    Contrary to what might be assumed, iso hydraulic oil does more than just serve as a medium against which hardware seals. It actively contributes to the sealing process within hydraulic components such as pumps, valves, and motors.

    ISO Hydraulic oil contributes to the sealing process in a more subtle way. The oil’s surface tension and resistance to shearing play a pivotal role in sealing the notches or lands on some hydraulic equipment even though there’s no physical seal (like an O-ring or gasket) in them.

    Sealing is a result of the design of these equipment, and the properties of the oil such as the surface tension. ISO VG Hydrolic Oil’s surface tension creates a kind of barrier that prevents oil from easily passing between the narrow gaps.


    Lubrication is perhaps one of the most critical secondary functions of hydraulic oil. It minimizes wear and damage caused by metal-to-metal friction, ensuring that components like pistons and pumps operate efficiently.

    The lubricating properties of ISO hydraulic oil are indispensable for the longevity and reliability of hydraulic systems, making products like Hydraulic 10W Oil essential for the maintenance of these machines.

    Armor Lubricants ISO Hydraulic oil

    Armor Lubricants stands at the forefront of universal hydraulic fluid supply and manufacturing, offering a comprehensive range of high-performance hydraulic fluids designed to meet the diverse needs of modern hydraulic systems.

    Armor Lubricants manufactures its hydraulic oils from solvent refined, high viscosity index base oils, incorporating modern additive technology. Our ISO VG hydraulic oils, including the versatile Hydraulic 10W Oil, deliver superior performance, including enhanced power transfer, heat dissipation, contaminant removal, sealing, and lubrication.

    We have been supplying oils and lubricants for over 12 years to more than 50 countries. On time delivery, high quality, and good prices are a little of what we offer to our customers. For any inquiries, Contact Armor Lubricants now.

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