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4 Signs Your Car Might Be in Need of 5W30 High Mileage Oil

Decoding the Signs: When Your Car Needs High Mileage Oil?

armor 5W30 high mileage oil for vehicle high performance

High Mileage Oil: To many drivers, a car is more than a mean of transportation, it is a friend and a partner that accompanies you on the road and share your journey. When it is new, this partner will have shiny and perfect components, but as time goes by your partner will age and its engine require to be maintained differently. The change will include the frequency of the maintenance, and the use of high milage oil such as 5W30 oil.

We can say that high milage oil is like a regular oil but with extra vitamins for your car to ensure enhanced levels of protection and address new issues that occur when car parts age.

Car experts usually have different opinions on when you should switch to high-milage oil, hence, instead of telling you to switch when the meter shows a record of 75,000 miles or 80,000, I will guide to the signs that tells you that it is time to switch.

Consequence of Not Switching to High Mileage Oil: Engine Performance Issues

As your car accumulates more miles on the odometer, it will lose some of its muscles. The engine that used to let you drive smoothly on a steep slope will not have the ability to generate the same power.

Pay attention when you are driving and try to sense the car. Do you feel like acceleration is getting more sluggish? does the engine produce less power? do you spend more on gas? if that is the case, we have some news for you it is time to switch.

Oil Consumption and Leaks

As you get to know your car more, you will automatically know when to top-up or change oil, maybe it is once every 6 or 8 months. Many factors can affect this number including the wear of the engine components. As a rule, wear increase the need to change oil because it increases contaminant accumulation and cause changes in the operating conditions among other reasons.

When you start to notice that your car is consuming more oil than before, and we are talking about a big difference here then it is time to consider a high milage oil.

It is not limited of course to the increased oil consumption, seals are also impacted by the aging, you may also start to notice oil stains beneath your vehicle more frequently after parking the vehicle.

High mileage oils, such as 5W30, are specifically formulated to address these issues. They contain seal conditioners that can help rejuvenate aging seals, reducing oil consumption and minimizing leaks.

Why switch? it is easy. High mileage oils have different additives which can protect the engine and help get rid of accumulated contaminants thus, improving the performance slightly.

Increased Engine Noise and Vibrations

Most of the new cars, especially if they are luxurious work with minimal noise and vibration due to the perfect fit of their parts. However, this changes significantly when components start to wear. Little by little, the sound of the engine will change, till it becomes clear that your car is now noisy from the moment you start the engine.

Depending on the nature of the noise, you may have to worry and seek the opinion of an expert. however, for most of the cases you will only have to switch to high-milage oil with friction modifiers that help reduce engine noise and vibrations.

Visible Signs of Engine Wear

Sometimes the signs are clear and visible to you. When you inspect the inside of your car oil cap or dipstick check carefully and look for sludge-like deposits. These deposits could mean that your engine is experiencing increased wear and buildup.

Wear and build-up accumulation accelerate with aging, and the solution is to add additives to prevent deposits from forming and remove them from the engine.

Why 5W30 High Mileage Oil?

This is an important question, why to use 5W30 High Mileage Oil? and the answer is you do not have to. 5W30 High Mileage Oil is one of the most commonly used high-milage oils because it suits most of the cars and climates, however you have to take your own conditions in considerations.

Check if 5W30 High Mileage Oil is suitable for you, read the manual of your car and ask an expert if you are not sure. If you need an oil with different viscosity, then choose that one.


Remember, choose a 5W30 High Mileage Oil from a reputable known brand not just any brand. You do not want to endanger your car engine and speed up the damage.

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