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    4 Things to Know Before Buying Transformer Oil

    Transformer Oil Types: The Key to Longevity and Reliability

    When buying transformer oil, it is essential to choose the right type for your transformers. Each transformer requires a special type of oil. Using the wrong oil has serious consequences, as it can damage transformers and reduce their efficiency.

    There are two main types of transformer oil in the market, mineral and synthetic oil. Each of them has unique properties and is used in specific areas.

    Mineral transformer oil

    Mineral oils are manufactured using material derived from petroleum crude oil. They are commonly used to cool down transformers worldwide. Transformer mineral oil is also divided into two types which are Paraffin-based and Naphtha-based oils.

      • Paraffin-based transformer oil:

    Paraffinic oils are desirable in the market due to their good oxidation and thermal durability. Paraffinic oils are rich in wax content. Therefore, they can function under high temperatures up to 550 degrees (1022 f).

      • Naphtha-based transformer oil

    Naphtha-based oils are the other type of mineral oil for transformers. They are also derived from crude oil products but have different content, such as less wax. Compared to paraffinic, Naphtha-based oil has a lower durability of heat but higher oxidation durability.

    Synthetic transformer oil

    Synthetic transformer oils are not derived from crude oil byproducts but are made artificially in factories to have specific properties mineral oils can not deliver. The most commonly used transformer oils in the industry are silicone-based transformer oils and bio-based oils.

        • Silicone-based oils

    Silicone-based oils are used to cool down transformers in areas with an increased possibility of fire. They are safer due to their high resistance to ignition, making them better than mineral oil in case of transformer failure. However, they are less common due to their higher cost and lower VI.

        • Bio-based insulating transformer

    Another synthetic transformer oil is made from biodegradable materials, such as vegetable oil. They are highly resistant to fire with good dielectric properties, but they are more expensive and have lower VI.

    Chemical Properties

    The chemical properties of transformer oils help you determine the right product to buy. They define how well the oil will function and if it can damage your equipment in the long run.

    Chemical Stability

    Transformer Insulating Oil will be in contact with the transformer for several months. If the oil you use oxidates, you will have sludge and other contaminants that impact the performance of the oil. Sometimes, it is possible for them to cause transformer failure leading to power outages.

    Transformer Oils should also be resistant to heat as transformers generate heat and are exposed to high temperatures most of the time.

    Insulating Properties

    The function of transformer oil is to:

    • Cool down the transformer
    • An insulating agent in the transformer

    To achieve their objectives, they need to withstand high voltages without any change in their properties or breaking down, and they also need to have high resistance to electricity to insulate the transformer efficiently.

      Oil Acidity

      Oil acidity refers to the amount of acidic impurities in the oil. Oil acidity reduces the efficiency of the oil and decreases its insulation properties. Using acidic oil is dangerous. Thus, it is crucial to ensure that the acidity numbers are lower than the authorized value. (0.2 mg KOH/g according to ASTM)

      Physical Properties of Transformer Oil


      Transformer oil needs to flow inside the transformer in different conditions. Thus, you must pay attention to the transformer oil density and viscosity and ensure choosing the suitable VI for the transformer you have.

      Fire Point

      Transformer oils are subjected to high temperatures. When the oil has a low fire point, there is a high chance of a fire. Choosing an oil with a high fire point is safer.

      Armorlubricants.com transformer oil buying tips blog post image

      Supplier Reputation

      Choosing the supplier is the most important decision. You need a reputable supplier to avoid getting low-quality products that could damage transformers. But there are more factors to tell If the is the best supplier to buy from.

      Whether you need transformer oil to use for the transformer in your facility or to sell and distribute, you want to have the products fast. The supplier should have the oil available in a warehouse or be able to manufacture it in a certain timeline.

      Another concern is delivery which plays a key role in choosing the supplier. Delivery is the supplier’s ability to deliver the products to you at a reasonable cost. You must ask about the costs of shipping to your country and how long it takes.

      Quality certification

      Any supplier and manufacturer can claim they have the best products, and only a few can prove that. A trustworthy supplier should be able to provide certificates to prove their products meet international standards such as ISO 9001, ASTM, and IEC to ensure that the oil meets industry standards.


      The price is important factor when buying transformer oil, yet you should focus more on the cost. The cost includes the price of the oil, the fees of shipping, the fees of money transfer, and other possible hidden fees.

      Buying from countries like the UAE can reduce your costs due to their special tax system. Additionally, its unique location can result in reduced. As a leading lubricant manufacturers and wholesaler in UAE, armor lubricatns can always provide you with the quantities you need of transformer oil at the best prices.

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