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5w40 engine oil is it the sheild for your engine?

What is 5w40 engine oil

5W40 is a grade of engine oil that is widely used in automobiles. Because 5W40 engine oil is a multi-grade oil, it can be utilized in a wide variety of temperatures. The “5W” designation implies that it has a low viscosity (thickness) at cold temperatures and will flow smoothly when the engine first starts.

The “40” denotes that it has a higher viscosity at high temperatures, which provides better engine protection when operating at high speeds or under heavy loads. This oil is commonly found in high-performance or turbocharged engines, as well as diesel engines.

Is 5w40 racing oil

Although not designed for racing, 5W40 engine oil can be used in racing cars. The fundamental difference between racing and normal oils is protection and performance.

Racing oils are designed for harsh environments and high loads in motorsports. They have better base oils and additives to prevent engine buildup and wear. Racing oils are thicker than conventional oils, which reduces oil use and protects engine parts.

High-performance, turbocharged, and diesel engines utilize 5W40 engine oil. It protects and lubricates the engine in extreme temperatures. It can be used in racing cars, although it may not offer the same protection and performance as race oil.

Overall, 5W40 motor oil can be utilized in racing cars. It is a multi-grade oil that protects and lubricates the engine in various temperatures. A racing oil may offer better protection and performance.

Choose 5w30 or 5w40 for high mileage

Usually, automobiles with an odometer reading of over 75,000 miles should use high-mileage oil. Engines can become more prone to issues specific to high-mileage vehicles as they get older, including increased oil consumption, leaks, and increased engine wear. In order to solve these problems, high-mileage oil is developed to offer additional protection for older engines.

To choose between 5W30 and 5W40 oil for a high mileage vehicle, you need to consider different factors, such as the type of engine and the operating conditions.

Fully synthetic 5W30 oil is made especially for high-mileage cars. It is designed to reduce oil consumption, preserve engine performance, and lessen engine wear over time. When it is cold outside, this oil has a reduced viscosity (thickness), which lets it flow more easily when the engine is initially started and gives the engine’s moving parts good lubrication and protection.

However, 5W40 is a multi-grade oil that can also be used in high-mileage automobiles. It is a heavier oil that offers additional protection to the engine when it is operating at high speeds or while carrying large loads. It works well in diesel engines as well as high-performance or turbocharged engines.

What is the best 5w40 motor oil?

If you are planning to buy a pack of 5W40 motor oil for your car, you will have many different choices, such as Armor 5w40 motor oil, Castrol edge 5w40, Havoline 5w40, Lexus oil 5w40, etc. Each product has unique specs and properties to meet customers’ needs.

The best 5w40 motor oil is the oil that fulfils your car’s needs and protects it from tear and wear, especially when the car is working under high loads. As a leading lubricants manufacturer, Armor always ensures that the quality of each product manufactured in our factory is fully checked to deliver the best performance and ultimate protection at affordable prices.

You can always trust that our base oils and additives that are used to make 5w40 engine oil are chosen with care to ensure the lowest impurities. The chemicals are mixed using the latest German technologies in a fully automated factory.


We recommend the 5W-40 viscosity for high-performance engines, it is a good choice for european cars with Gsoline engines. If you are driving a modern European car like a Mercedes or BMW, it would be a good choice to go for a fully snthetic 5W40. And if you consider to give the same advice to others and sell them the 5W40 fully synthetic engine oil, just contact us on WhatsApp to place an inquiry.

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