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    How Brake Lubricant Enhances Performance?

    How Important Are Brake Lubricant?

    car brake lubricant

    Cars rely on hydraulic braking systems to switch from a state of movement to a state of rest or to reduce the speed in both emergency and non-emergency situations. The medium used to transfer power to the brakes is what you know as “Brake Lubricant”, but what you do not possibly know is that brake lubricants are not only used for power transmission but there is more.

    Brake fluid is effective when it can preserve constant viscosity across a wide range of temperatures. The braking process generates a huge amount of heat, and since some of that heat is absorbed by the fluid, it should not affect the viscosity.

    It should also have a high boiling point to keep it in a liquid state at all times. Having the brake fluid evaporating can damage the brakes, and malfunction the whole brake components. The boiling point for brake fluid varies depending on its grade, and formulation, but generally ranges between 190 and 260 Celsius.

    To add an extra layer of protection, brake fluid must have other additives that can neutralize common active chemicals slowing down oxidation. These additives protect metal components from rust and corrosion extending the lifespan of the car.

     Apply Brakes and Reduce Vibration

    Vibration is one of the nemesis of any machine. Machines and mechanisms inside them contain chains of moving parts connected to each other. Their movement and connection can create a vibration in the whole system, and the effect can vary based on its intensity.

    Excessive vibration can lead to decreased brake performance and efficiency of the machine. Vibrating can misalign components shifting them slightly from their place. Although the difference is not noticed, it can reduce performance and decrease efficiency.

    Misalignments can also increase the risk of wear and tear by adding more pressure on the system. Increased wear and tear naturally results in more expensive maintenance costs and decreased service life.


    What causes vibration in the braking system?

    Many factors can increase vibration such as excessive heat buildup, and wear and tear, contamination, and other factors related to poor installation. While brake fluid can not fix problems related to poor installation, it can decrease the risk of vibration in other cases.

    When you use brake lube, you are preserving the brake calipers along with the whole system from contamination. Brake lubes lubricate brake components and reduce the risks of contamination. It is the type of lubricant that is made to absorb air bubbles and other particles that can contaminate the hydraulic system. Preventing contaminants and keeping them out of the system ensures smooth operation and more efficient braking which can improve brake performance and extend their lifespan.

    Better Brake Performance Without Noises

    When you apply brakes, your car should stop silently because this is a brake pedal, not a horn. When you hear noises such as squeaking, grinding or any other strange noise, you should immediately know something is wrong.

    One of the possible reasons for the squeaking noise coming from your brakes is the lack of lubrication.  Lubrication and friction are disproportional, when brake fluid levels are low, the friction increases leading to more strange noise. Topping up brake fluid levels can solve the problem leading to a quieter driving experience.

     Armor Lubricants Brake Fluid

    Armor Lubricants is one of the well-known brake Lubricant manufacturers and exporters in Dubai and the UAE. For more than 10 years, we have been producing Dot 4 and Dot 3 brake fluid and exporting them to more than 52+ countries worldwide.

    Wondering why you should use Armor Lubricants brake lubricant?

    Well, that is easy to answer:


    Our product formulations follow the latest industry standards to ensure complete compatibility with the brake systems of different cars.

    DOT Ratings

    Armor offers Dot 3 brake fluid and brake fluid dot 4 ratings with minimum dry boiling points of 200 C (400 F).


    This is just an elegant word that means the brake fluid has the ability to absorb moisture from the air. Moisture can interfere with the function of the braking system, when it enters it can increase vibration and cause strange noises.

    How to get Armor Lubricants brake fluid?

    Armor Lubricants synthetic brake fluid are engineered to deliver high performance under the most demanding conditions. These fluids are formulated with a proprietary blend of high-quality base oils and innovative additives, which makes them exceptionally resistant to thermal degradation, thus they can withstand high temperatures and pressures.

    Armor Lubricants is a leading lubricant manufacturer in UAE, offering a comprehensive range of high-quality lubricants and car care products to help businesses succeed in all industries. Whether you operate in the automotive, industrial, marine, or agricultural sector, Armor Lubricants has the expertise and lubricant products to meet your needs.

    +971 52 977 6000