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Armor Radiator Oil Cleaner efficiently cleans the whole cooling system and eliminates oily residue that are produced by defect cylinder head gaskets or leaking radiators for a longer period. It removes many contaminations that are caused operationally, such as coolant sludge, lime, and scale. Both metal and rubber materials are protected during the process thanks to the high-quality lubrication agents. Valves, thermostats, and water pumps return to their maximum efficiency.

Armor At A Glance

  • Production capacity of 10 Million Liters
  • ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 45001, API, ESMA, OEM Certified Company
  • 1000 MT Base Oil Storage Tank Capacity
  • 4 Blending tanks
  • 4 Filling tanks
  • 4000 sq meters Factory Size
  • 58+ Countries we export