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Best Car Radiator Coolant to Protect Your Engine in All Conditions

Armor Lubricants car radiator coolant can keep engine running smoothly by maintaining optimal temperature and preventing overheating.

Customer Benefits:

  • Colder Climates – Armor Lubricants Top-quality coolants for Diesel and Petrol engines contain antifreeze, protecting your engine from freezing in extremely cold temperatures, ensuring your vehicle starts and runs smoothly even in winter conditions.
  • Off-Roading – Armor has the best car radiator coolants to maintain optimal engine temperature and ensuring vehicle performs consistently.
  • Older Cars – Using the best car radiator coolant can help the older vehicles run more efficiently and avoid issues related to overheating.
  • Maintaining Engine Health – Using Armor’s high-quality radiator coolant can prolong the life of your engine by preventing rust and deposit build-up, keeping the cooling system clean, and improving overall engine performance.
  • Preventing Costly Repairs – A well-maintained cooling system with top-notch coolant from the best coolant manufacturer can prevent serious engine damage due to overheating or freezing, thereby avoiding costly repair or replacement of engine parts.

Car engines have unique cooling system requirements, making it essential to choose a coolant specifically formulated for both petrol and diesel engines. Choose a high-quality coolant formulated specifically from the Right Car Radiator Coolant manufacturers and suppliers in uae.




  • Temperature Control: Prevents engine overheating in summer and freezing in winter
  • Corrosion Resistance: Protects engine and cooling system components from rust and corrosion.
  • Enhanced Performance: Improves heat transfer for better engine performance.
  • Long-Lasting Protection: Offers extended protection, reducing the need for frequent changes.
  • Global Availability: Armor Lubricants provides high-quality engine coolant across the globe.


Armor Lubricants radiator coolant ensures year-round performance and prevents cooling system failures due to extreme temperatures.


The ICE COOL 33% concentrated car radiator coolant for diesel engines is effective for at least 250,000 kilometers and in petrol engines for at least 100,000 kilometers or three years, whichever comes first, and is suitable for all vehicle makes including aluminum engines. When the ambient temperature is high, it raises the boiling point of water and provides better cooling.


Engine Coolant 33% Concentrate meets and exceeds the following OEM and International specifications:

  • BS 6580 (1992)
  • ASTM D 3306, D 4656, D 4985
  • AFNOR NFR 15-601
  • Manufacturers: Ford, MAN, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Damiler Chrysler, Saab, Volkswagen

Our Packaging Sizes

  • CAN - 1L, 4L, 5L, 6L, 7L
  • DRUM - 200L, 208L
  • IBC - 1,000L
  • FLEXI BAG - 20,000L