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5w30 Diesel Oil vs Petrol Engine Oil are they the same?

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5w30 Diesel oil vs Gasoline oil

It is time for your routine maintenance, your truck has been on the road for a few thousand kilometres and you need an oil change. In the workshop, there is 5w30 diesel oil and others for petrol. Their appearance is quite different, but are they really different? Can you use 5w30 diesel engine oil for petrol engines? Or vice versa? Why is there different engine oil for each?

Join us in this blog to explain everything and tell you all that you need to know about diesel 5w30 oil.

Diesel Engine vs. Petrol Powered Engine

The first step to understanding why there is diesel engine oil and gas engine oil is to research the differences between the engines. Engine oil is used to lubricate the moving parts in the engine and protect them in the act. While both engines transform fuel into energy, the difference lies in the details.

How Diesel Engines Work?

Diesel engines go through four stages to convert diesel into energy.

  • First: the piston travels down to allow air to flow inside the cylinder
  • Second: the piston moves upwards compressing the air which increases its temperature
  • Third: fuel is injected into the chamber and then ignites due to high temperature. The ignition sends the piston down fast
  • Fourth: the piston travels up again while a different valve opens to release the gases from the engine.

How Gasoline Engines Work?

They as well go through four stages, yet there are some differences:

  • First: gasoline and air are mixed together inside the chamber
  • Second: the mixture of fuel and air is compressed as the piston travels upward
  • Third: a spark ignites the mixture sending the piston down quite fast
  • Fourth: the piston travels up again while a different valve opens to release the gases from the engine

Because of these differences, each engine is designed to meet specific needs. As a result, their corresponding engine oils differ. As a result, 5w30 diesel engine oil is not the same as 5w30 gasoline engine oil.

5w30 Diesel Engine Oil vs 5w30 Gasoline Engine Oil

5W30 engine oil is a multi-grade oil that changes properties as temperature changes. But when comparing the same there are few distinctions.

The additives: The most important part of engine oil is the additives. Additives are used to give the oil their adjust the properties of engine oil. 5w30 diesel engine oil has higher concentrations of additives added during the production process.

Those extra additives are needed because diesel engine increase amounts of detergents because diesel engine oil produce more by-products thus, they are needed to keep the engine clean. Another type of additive that exist in higher concentrations in diesel engine oil is anti-wear because diesel engines experience increased friction.

Frequently Asked Questions About 5w30 Diesel Oil

Can You Put 5w30 in a Diesel Engine?

5w30 oil is available for diesel engines and you can use it in diesel engines without any worries. However, putting gasoline 5w30 in a diesel engine may not be a good idea. Using oil with the wrong quantity of additives may cause a serious problem in the long term.

Is diesel 5w30 Oil Fully Synthetic?

5w30 in a diesel engine can be either mineral, synthetic or semi-synthetic. 5w30 synthetic-grade oil usually offers higher performance and costs more to buy. You can buy mineral or conventional diesel 5w30 oil but the performance will not be the same.

What Size is 5w30 Diesel Oil?

It is available in a variety of sizes. You can find 5w30 engine oil 5ltr or smaller or bigger. Armor Lubricants has 5 options for diesel engine oil. There is 1 litre can, 4 litre can, 5 litre can, 6 litre can, and 7 litre can. Choose the size that suits you best.


5w30 diesel oil is one of the best options for any vehicle with a diesel engine. It is the right choice for guaranteed protection. You can contact Armor Lubricants Manufacturer in UAE for the best 5w30 engine oil grade.

Armor Lubricants 5w30 diesel oil is the perfect choice for diesel engine owners who demand top performance and protection. It is specifically manufactured to provide superior lubrication and minimize wear and tear. Contact us today for your requirement.

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