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What to Know Before Using 5W30 Engine Oil

What is 5W30 engine oil?

5W30 engine oil is one of the common choices in the workshops, and maintenance centres. Many car owners as well choose 5w30 oil for their cars but have you ever wondered if it is the right oil for your car?

5w30 engine oil is a multigrade automotive oil that is used to lubricate car engines. Being a multigrade engine oil, 5w30 can operate properly in a wide range of temperatures. Generally, 5w30 oil operates in temperatures as low as 30Cº (-22º F) to temperatures as high as 40º C (104º F).

    The VI aka Viscosity index of the 5w30 engine oil changes depending on the temperature. When engines are off, the oil has a lower viscosity to flow smoother and lubricate the parts upon start. At higher temperatures, the viscosity increases to avoid overlubricating.

    Is sae 30 the same as 5w30

    No, SAE30 engine oil and 5W30 are not the same at all, they are two completely different types. What are the differences between SAE40 engine oil and 5W30?

    SAE30 is a single-grade engine oil. single-grade engine oils do not change their properties at different temperatures. SAE 30 is rated as summer engine oil or hot weather engine oil. it has only one viscosity of 30 which will remain the same whether it is freezing outside, warm, or even hot.

    In warm or hot weather, SAE 30 engine oil is good for your car the thickness will be suitable to lubricate the car engine the moment you turn the key. When it is cold, it is a different story. The oil will be too thick for lubricating the engine.

    5W30 oil, on the other hand, is multi-grade engine oil, it will perform the same in a wider range of temperatures. Hence it lubricates the parts better in hot and cold weather due to the additives included in the batch.

    Is 5w30 oil synthetic?

    No, Seeing the phrase on the package does not mean that it is a fully synthetic oil. 5W30 is available in a fully-synthetic, conventional, or semi-synthetic blend.

    Regardless of engine oil type, you get the same viscosity and performance from the oil. However, some properties and specifications may change. Fully synthetic 5W30 oil is always purer with fewer impurities and a longer life span. Regular or mineral 5W30 on the other hand has a more affordable price but lasts less.

      It is up to you to decide whether you want to use fully synthetic, semi-synthetic, or mineral oil. either way, you can find a 5W30 oil of your choice. in Armor, we manufacture and sell the three types of 5W30 oil.

      Frequently asked questions about 5W30 engine oil

      Here are some of the commonly asked questions about 5W30.

      What does 5w30 mean?

      5W30 is composed of 2 parts, the first one (5W) is the part referring to the winter viscosity. W stands for winter and 5W means that it will act as SAE 5 oil in lower temperatures. The other part (30) is the Viscosity grade in hotter weather. It means that the oil acts as SAE 30 on hot summer days.

      Can I use 5w30 instead of 5w20؟

      Yes, you can technically change your oil from 5W20 to 5W30 without any problems. The two types share the same winter grades; thus, they act similarly in colder weather. However, 5W30 has higher summer ratings thus it has a wider temperature range in hot weather.

      Is 10w30 thicker than 5w30?

      Yes, 10w30 is slightly thicker than 5w30 in winter. From their names, we can see both oils have the same viscosity (SAE 30 viscosity) in hot weather. On colder days, 10W30 has a viscosity of SAE 10 which is a little thicker than SAE5.

      What does the w in 5w30 stand for

      The W in 5W30 stands for winter and not weight as it is commonly mistaken for. 5W means that the viscosity grade in winter is SAE5. Multigrade engine oil decreases its viscosity in cold temperatures and increases them in hot weather. we use different numbers to describe the viscosity grade for each one.

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