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    Electric cars oil change all what you need to know

    Electric cars vs petrol cars, what is the difference?

    You went to your local car dealer and got yourself a brand-new Tesla. Congrats you are driving an electric car now. There is no need to worry about the increase in oil prices. You do not have to worry about oil changes anymore, or do you?

    Have you wondered about electric cars oil change or asked yourself if electric cars need oil change or not?

    To answer the question, we must first ask why do we need engine oil.

    electric car oil change

    How do petrol engine work?

    In conventional petrol cars, engines burn fuel or diesel in a chamber to use its energy for moving the car. Burning the fuel causes the piston to move repeatedly at high speeds.

    The friction between the moving parts has two main effects. First, a significant amount of heat is generated constantly. Heat increase can rise the temperature of the parts causing them to weld at a certain point. The other is surface damage on the moving part. The contact between these parts damages the surfaces causing them to have pits and tiny holes.

    Engine oil flows to fill in the gaps and spaces in the engine to form a thin layer separating the parts. This fine layer reduces friction dramatically without affecting the function of the movement. Less friction means lesser resistance to overcome, therefore, less fuel consumption. Furthermore, this oil has a notable heat capacity. It absorbs the heat generated from the parts and transfers it elsewhere keeping the engine cool.

    How do electric car engines work?

    An electric engine uses magnets to move the car on the road. The electric car engine is attached to a huge battery that acts as the power source. When the Engine is on, electricity flows to the engine creating a magnetic current. the field affects another magnet causing it to rotate and move the shaft it is connected to.

    Do electric cars use oil? other fluids?

    Back to the main question: is electric cars oil change important? or do electric cars need engine oil?

    The short answer is NO. The electrical motor does not have pistons or crankshafts that need lubricating while working. Instead, electrical engines rely on magnetic force. Magnetic force does not require contact to rotate the shaft therefore, there is no friction or wear.

      As a result, you do not need an oil change for your electric car. Hooray, you managed to save yourself oil change money. However, that does not mean you do not have any fluids involved.

      Electrical car maintenance

      Oil change is a big part of the maintenance process of any car. Without oil change, you have to wonder what does electrical car maintenance involve?

      • Coolants

      Electric cars’ batteries produce heat when they operate. To keep them both working in safe temperatures manufacturers implement a cooling system. Most electric cars use liquid cooling systems. Therefore, you will need to use a coolant or antifreeze liquid.

      • Brake Fluid

      Both electric and petrol cars rely on brake fluids to stop the car in emergencies. However, brake fluids to be used for electric cars are different. Braking plays a role in battery charging, there is a mechanism to charge the battery when you hit the brakes. Different systems create different operating conditions therefore, you need to have special brake fluid.

      • Transmission oil

      Electrical cars do have the same multispeed transmission that is used in conventional cars. They have different transmission sets that usually have one or two speeds. You need to have transmission oil for your electric car, but due to the different requirements make sure you choose the right one.


      Electrical cars do not need engine oil. Electrical motors are totally different from internal combustion engines. The lubrication systems are different and there is no need for engine oil use.

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