7 Key Things to Know About New API CK-4 and FA-4 Diesel Motor Oil

Next Generation of API Grades Diesel Motor Oil CK-4 and FA-4, the New Heavy Duty Diesel Motor Oil Specifications.

Modern Diesel Motor Oils

It’s tempting to think that engine oil remains largely the same from decade to decade. To an extent, that’s true, particularly for Grade I, II, and III base oils, which are all based on crude oil. However, technology advances relentlessly and today’s engines are much more demanding than they once were. Modern Diesel motor oils must be able to keep up with the march of technology. That’s precisely what the new API Grade Diesel Motor Oil CK-4 and FA-4 are designed to do.

Why Are The New Oil Types Needed?

Both new Diesel Motor Oil CK-4 and FA-4 API Grades were designed to meet the needs and operating requirements of today’s more advanced engines. The most significant issue here is heat, which can cause oxidation and numerous other problems. Both of these oils offer better resistance to heat without losing viscosity, meaning that even under extreme temperatures they are able to deliver the same protection as under more optimal temperatures. However, the benefits go well beyond wear and tear resistance.

What Does API CK-4 Diesel Motor Oil Offer?

It’s important to note that API CK-4 Diesel Motor Oil is backwards compatible and can be mixed with other oils as needed. However, it should also be noted that mixing CK-4 Diesel oil with other oils will reduce or eliminate the benefits this formulation is designed to deliver, namely improved resistance to oxidation, improved fuel efficiency, and reduced CO2 emissions. The oxidation resistance capabilities are important due to the increased heat of today’s engines, as well as engines that are required to run for long periods and thus generate a great deal of heat, as well as suffering from significant wear and tear.

    Four stroke diesel engines

    Synthetic Diesel Oil CK-4 was developed for use in four-stroke diesel engines and can be used in non-road vehicles while meeting those exhaust standards. It is designed for vehicles using high-sulfur content fuel. In addition to the fuel economy improvements and reduced CO2 emissions, Diesel Motor Oil API CK-4 will also offer a range of other benefits for off-road equipment, including the following:

    • Extended drain intervals
    • Reduced engine wear
    • Extended rebuild intervals
    • Improved reliability, profitability, and productivity for machinery operators

    What About New API Grade FA-4 Diesel Motor Oil?

    FA-4 Diesel oil is designed to offer the same benefits as CK-4 engine oil, which include improved resistance to heat and oxidation, greater fuel economy, and reduced CO2 emissions. However, unlike CK-4 oil, FA-4 Diesel oil has limited to no backward compatibility, although manufacturers are required to note this on the oil packaging to inform customers prior to their use of the oil. Note that FA-4 oil is also low HTHS and is designed primarily for vehicles that use fuel with under 15 parts per million of sulfur.

    Reduced CO2 Emissions

      Do You Need CK-4 Or FA-4 Diesel Oil?

      Both types of diesel motor oil are designed for very specific applications and equipment/engine types. They are not interchangeable. If you’re unsure which type to choose, or whether your equipment can even use these new types of engine oil, it is best to work with an expert lubricant manufacturer that can ensure you have the information necessary for an informed decision to protect your valuable assets.


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