How Do I Choose the Best Car Engine Oil Brand?

Choosing the Best Engine Oil for your car

Choosing Car engine oil is a common topic among car owners. Because using low-quality Engine oil causes irreversible damage to the vehicle’s engine, thus changing the car value.

Best Engine oil for middle east

The best car engine oil brands is the one that meets the manufacturer’s specifications and has the right viscosity, certifications that the manufacturer recommended for use.

All motorheads know that the wrong car oil can cause serious engine problems and that not all oils are the same. But unfortunately, not all of them can be sure if they are making a mistake or making the right choice.

First of all, what is Car engine oil, and how does it work?

What is Car engine oil?

Internal Combustion Engine

Engine oil, also known as lubricating oil, is a fluid that has always been used on all internal combustion engines, whether they are diesel, petrol, methane, LPG, or hybrid.

Car Engine Oil consists of a mineral or synthetic base. It also contains a series of additives (in a percentage of less than 30%) which give it properties and characteristics.

The additives reduce the formation of sludge and foam. They also reduce friction and consumption, change viscosity and prevent oxidation.

How does it work?

Car Engine oil is one of the most used products in vehicle maintenance. Over time, it has become a counter product. People now often belittle engine oil and treat it superficially, underestimating the importance it has for the car’s proper functioning.

Without oil, an engine could not run and would stop within a few kilometers. With inappropriate oil, the engine could undergo irreversible damage.

Car Piston and Cylinder

The engine oil has an important simple task: creating a thin layer between all the moving parts of the engine (piston-cylinder, bushing-crankshaft, etc.) to avoid direct contact between the metal surfaces.

Think of a piston that slides inside its cylinder: if the segments (more commonly known as bands) come into direct contact with the cylinder barrel, the latter would slow down until it stops.

The Engine Oil prevents contact between the segments and the cylinder barrel allowing the plunger to slide smoothly.

But that is not all. Engine oil doesn’t lubricate, it also cools metal surfaces by removing a small amount of excess heat that combustion produces and transfers to the coolant. There are engines equipped with two sets of nozzles:

  • A series to spray oil on the barrel to ensure lubrication
  • A second series under the head of the plunger to cool it.

    What is the viscosity of car engine oil?

    Car Engine Oil Viscosity Grades

    On all Car engine oil packs, you will find type codes: 0W30, 10W40, 15W40, 15W50, etc.

    The first number is associated with the letter W (winter), it indicates the oil’s viscosity when it is cold, the second when it is hot.

    These numbers tell us about the SAE class of the engine oil.

    You should use the best engine oil brand according to the weather of your country.

    Car Wise for selling car in Dubai

    For example, if you live in the UAE, you should use engine oil SAE 30 and more. This way, you will ensure that your car is running smoothly, and your engine will get you good cash when you start thinking “I should sell my car”

    These are indications of cold and hot viscosity. One of the most important properties you should know for choosing the best car engine oil.

    Viscosity tells about the resistance of engine oil when flowing. If one oil is more viscous than another, it will encounter more resistance to advancement, it will move harder.

    To give a simple example:

    Let’s think of two different pipes: in the first pipe, we pump grease. In the second, we pump oil. We will find it harder to “move” the grease than moving the oil as it is more viscous.

    What does viscosity depend on?

    Horsepower and Torque
    • At a microscopic level, it depends on the friction and the cohesive force between the molecules. The greater the force of cohesion between the molecules, the more difficult the fluid will move.
    • Viscosity, i.e. resistance to displacement, depends on the temperature:

    At higher temperatures (hot oil, when the engine is running) the resistance to movement will be lower, so the oil will be “less viscous.”

    At low temperatures (cold oil, when the engine is off) the fluid will offer greater resistance, and its viscosity will be greater.

      Synthetic Engine Oil and Mineral Engine Oil

      Synthetic Blend Engine Oil

      There are two sub-categories: Mineral and Synthetic Engine Oil.

      The first represents the traditional lubricant oil, while the second is now more and more widespread. But what’s the difference?

      The substantial difference is that synthetic engine oil production is more advanced and refined. That means greater purity, as molecules are all of the same sizes. Long story short: better performance than the mineral one.

      Because synthetic engine oil is much better than mineral oil, car manufacturers recommend it, especially for more advanced and modern engines.

      Best Car Engine Oil in UAE

      Synthetic Oil and Synthetic Blend Oil

      The Synthetic blend Engine oil are nothing more than a mixture of oils of different natures but the same viscosity. This blend means that the result of the oil is of lower quality than the fully synthetic engine oil itself, and the price is therefore slightly cheaper.

      Choosing the Best Engine Oil Brand for your Car

      Best engine oil brand in UAE

      The simple answer, but not the safe one, is to rely on the mechanic to choose the best car engine oil brand.

      Unfortunately, you must know that not all repairers/sellers do their job with fairness and honesty.

      You may find someone who will tend to sell you the “wrong” engine oil brand by passing it off as correct only for their economic convenience.

      At this point, you should return to your car maintenance booklet: on the page dedicated to liquids, you will find all the minimum specifications you need in the engine oil. You must choose an engine oil compatible with these specifications.

      Or, you can search online for the electronic catalogs of car oil manufacturers. Then by entering the data of your car (model, displacement, fuel, etc.), you will immediately find the engine oil compatible with your car.

      Think of your engine oil as the blood that runs in the arteries of your car. If you want a powerful well-maintained car, then take care of your car and choose the best car oil. Know more about car oil here.